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Group pet items

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I'm sure this has been suggested, but I feel it needs to be brought up front again.

With the game going toward a "pay for storage" movement, I think it is time to make it so all pet items will group together up to a max per slot.  For instance, Pet rerolls group to 9, why not 99 or 999?  This way they only take up one slot in my inventory.  It is also something that should be able to be stored in the Pet area, rather than in my inventory bags (once opened).  

Pet food is another thing that this should happen for.  If I go to the Petrinarian, all of them are stacked in one nice group for feeding time, so why can't they fill up one slot in my inventory, again to a max of 99 or 999 (whatever you choose for the max to make it use less slots).

I think this would go a lot way among the community in helping clean up inventory a bit.  At least until we can get a folder option with some kind of filtering/auto-sorting. ;)

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