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Hero Crit Damage Needs to Be Quadrupled or More

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Currently the hero crit damage stat is 1:1.  Each pt in crit damage increases the damage done by a critical hit by 1.

When compared to just straight hero damage, the crit damage stat is terrible.  Hero damage affects every attack, including crits.  Crit damage only affects critical hits.  Yet the stats are equal when it comes to spheres and item stats.  Each hero damage sphere is the same as its comparable hero crit damage sphere.  The stats on gear is about the same as well.

Simple math goes that with a 25% crit chance, the tier VII crit damage sphere will increase the average damage per attack by 25.25 damage.  Yet the tier VII hero damage sphere increases each attack by 101 or a factor of 4 more.  Even if the hero stacked crit percent to 50%, crit damage would effectively increase damage per attack by 50.5 vs 101 for straight hero damage.  In order to achieve 50% crit damage, a hero would have to sacrifice a lot of other stats.

Crit damage already had the built in hindrance that it requires two stats to be effective.  It is prone to overkill.  Damage past killing an enemy is wasted.  In other words, crits on smaller enemies wastes damage and is less effective than against large enemies like Ogres.  Finally, crit damage is unreliable.

Because of these factors, I believe that hero crit damage needs to be increased by a factor of 4-5X to be effective.

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