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Thank you, you nail it !!! dd2 its unplayable !!!

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After the patch I never won a nm1 game. I never went beyond wave 3 on any nm game.It came to the point where everything is so hard that there is no end game,I'm finding out that I have to force myself to play nm.It seems that you need uber spheres to even have the slightest chance of winning nm but that's ridicuously hard to get since they got 60 tokens each and tedious to obtain, not only that you need to be way above ipwr lvl to even have the slightest of chances.I'm just going to take a break from this game let people suffer getting good gear so that I can get carried to higher tiers.

That's the saddest attitude to adopt, by definition.

First the uber sphere isn't any hard to obtain just do your monthly quest plus daily quests and you have a free uber in no time.

Second the game is not too hard, it's finally hard and yes a strategy game requires to use your brain and have an actual strategy. It was not intended that the whole game was possible to farm with only electric aura and huntress traps, it had to change and it finally did. Just learn to play the game, do what the tutorial told you to do and you'll see the game is not impossible at all.

I'm guessing you had a bunch of uber spheres at your disposal and maxed out 240 ipwr gear that made you think it's not too hard.My statement was made from a person who doesn't have any uber spheres who has crap gear but enough ipwr to meet the map requirements just to lose all over again.

The map ipwr is a range of ipwr .

For exp map required 230 ipwr to enter but if you point your mouse at the map it have a information that said "230 - 250".

And yes , you will say " oh my ipwr is 250 i still cant pass it" , well 1 hero 250 is not enough you need 4 hero 250.

And yes you would say " oh i got 4 hero 250 i still cant pass it" 250ipwr but with the right stats yet?

And yes again " i got the right stats but i still cant pass it" with the right passive yet?

And again again " I got the right passive i still can pass it" how many hero you got the right passive , did you place the defense right ?

And yes to all those question you still cant , ask someone to play with , like a match with 6 lane " throne room" at wave 10 there is 4 orge and 2 special boss , how do you handle it all ? well thats where friend come in?

And yes you said i want to play solo, you can solo a different map !!! Where this game have 2 type of player: solo and group , and there is a map for solo and map for group.

What happen if all map need group ? what happen if all map that you can do solo ( if you can do solo all map then for  group it would be far more easy , unfair)? 

And yes to meet all the question above is too hard, well im guess strategy game is not for you, I failed 12 times before i can pass NM1 first map  ( im a noob) but with in 3 days now i can do every nm1 map with help of friend. ( if you said you dont need friend , then plz know one need your communication on this forum , we are all friend here)

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Lol mad post is mad. Angry potatoes, lol. Grr! 
I agree the game has flaws. It should have. The madfest is amusing. Keep going, guys!:) 

The patch was good, Hotfix fixed it. Enjoy the game, T_T

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