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Trendy removed a well functioning, convenient TIB and gave us a toothless, homeless headache as a consolation prize

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sums up the conversion to the scavenger from the temp. inv. bag (TIB).

let's start off with the definition of a scavenger:

  • a person who searches through refuse for useful items
in light of this how was it decided that in-game, rather than picking up all the items still on the ground...or you know, scavenging..that instead, he only takes loot we pick up but don't have room for in the very small amount of inventory space given to us. Instead of being able to sort through the items at the end of a match (or 3) in the TIB I now have to run around and collect every bit crap on the ground for each game and then sort thru everything in my inventory. again and again and again because after you have sorted thru the stuff you picked up to fill up your inventory just so the rest can go to the scavenger, you then have to sort through it 10 more times as you click claim all and can't sell things directly from the scavenger interface. You took a major upgrade over the DD1 system (in my opinion) and replaced it with a system that went about 10 steps backwards in convenience and functionality.
If you want to keep scavenger in the game because of the seemingly higher production value or he takes part in the story, etc that's fine with me.. but for the love of god please at least give him the exact same functionality as the TIB had.
I know just about every other member of this community feels the same. I've always appreciated your interaction with the community and how you actually listen to what we have to say. Trendy don't fail me on this one.

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I was quite disappointed when I realized I now have to waste my time running around the map picking up loot and worrying about whether i might miss something useful.  Please bring back the way the previous temp stash functioned.

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