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Feels like a different game.......???!!!!

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Don't know about you guys but this feels like a completely different game.  Something about just feels clunky and slow.

And if this correct with these new stats on gear, Im thinking it probably would have been better to do another wipe, as so much has been changed.  My Squire spike blockades were not amazing before, just over 107,000 health and now without changing any gear or weapon it is down to 40,900.  It would have felt reasonable even if it had gone down 10 or 20% but this is almost a third of what it used to be.

Im beginning to lose the attraction of playing DD2 now.  Things aren't getting better they seem to be getting worse, feeling as there is no committed direction from the DEVS.   Maybe they are trying out every single proposal that they came up with over the last two years just to make sure everything they worked on was valid.

This feels like a new management is taking over every week and a different direction implemented each time.....

Surely wouldn't it be better to get your goal in sight and work up to a huge shot, rather than a prod here and a nudge there, with no idea how many prods and nudges it could take to get the big score.

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ITT people who don't know what pre-alpha means. This game is not feature complete and developers can't implement a good system without a huge amount of testing. You actually paid to be the test subjects for the development.

Most games just sell you the release version as a beta but DD2 is an actual still-in-developing alpha mess. Kudos to the developers.

This game needs serious development time to be even considered on par with DD1. Better come back in a year if you want something playable.

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@Quentym quote:

You actually paid to be the test subjects for the development.

Yep - and they are getting tons of feedback about the current patch. I hope they take it into consideration.

Usually during development things can and do get out of whack. As a software dev myself I understand this. However, when you're putting something out to thousands of people it does NO GOOD to put something out that isn't halfway balanced, otherwise the feedback you do get  is one-sided. 

For example... let's say you want purchasing items needed for character development to cost a bit more and be a bit harder to attain, so you want to raise the price of the items quite a bit, plus slightly increase the amount of coin you get from selling loot. Together, these 2 things will produce what you envision as the right balance.

If you then only implement one or the other, you either end up with a ton of coin in game and a destroyed economy OR it takes months to buy one item needed for character development. Players are then stuck looking at months of farming loot to buy one item for their character, rather than the actual plan of maybe a couple of weeks like originally intended. The feedback then given by players is rightfully horrified, but worthless because the complete feature was not put in. The entire situation could have been avoided if both parts had been implemented at the same time. 

That's what a lot of this feels like; like they didn't put in the other half of the features. If we're going to test something then we need to test the entire thing - testing an unbalanced half feature will produce skewed and worthless results. And a lot of unnecessary grumping.

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