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Looking for people to do NM4 Incursion

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Hi all,

im from Australia Brisbane. i play like 10+ hours a day and everyday. I bought the game on 29th July (21 days ago) and already have 217 hours of gameplay on steam. 

I am looking for people to play with. Im very friendly and i dont get angry or anything ever really o.o

I have a range of Hero's that i made. 6 level 50 characters so far.

- Squire - Waller/Tanker - ipwr 822 (Full def health) - wall teir 1 health at 228k atm
- Squire - Builder - ipwr 838 (Full def power)
- Monk - Builder - ipwr 850 (Full def power)
- Huntress - Builder - ipwr 838 (Full def power)
- Huntress - Ability - ipwr 836 (Full ability power) - 127k peircing 
- Apprentice - Builder - ipwr 813 (Full def power)

I'm just looking for people to farm NM4 Incursion map a lot. I have been playing the map a lot last few days and just having difficulties finding a group. If you are intreseted please add me on steam. I linked my steam to DD2 forum profile also or you can add me here  http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055513995/ 

Thank you and good luck hunting gear o.o

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I sent you a friend request. I tend to play late nights US time, not sure how that matches up to Oceanic but its worth checking.

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