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I've always been a bit of a collector in games and it dawned on me that at some point I will probably want to get at least one of each pet. Looking at the pet bag in our inventory its clear that there is no where near enough space to do this, as development continues and more species and pets are added its going to get worse. 

So here's my suggestion, move our pets into the Collections tab and create a library so we can clearly see the pets we have collected and those we still need to find. Something like the mock example below, obviously with a better interface. A small storage inventory could be attached to each pet to allow for people who like a certain pet and want multiple stat combinations. You could offer unique rewards for completing a collection to provide incentive. Personally though, changing all the icons from grey to colour would be reason enough for me, must have everything!


p.s Please allow all pets to be any rarity seems silly not to.

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