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Additive Defense CritDmg --> Multipliers.

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The additive CritDmg stat for defenses is not working well at all at this point, the more damage and dps and the stronger gear we have the less it matters. The only defenses that seem to be balanced with the additive critdamage are Lightning aura and Skyguard tower on monk. For example with my current gear my LA gets 25% more DPS at tier 1 with the stats, and 12% at tier 5. Lightning strikes aura is just horrible with this.. the additive dmg is so tiny that dps increase is below 1%, so it's completely insignificant.

My suggestion is, make the base crit damage on defenses for example 1,1x and then with the stats on gear we would be able to build it up to 2x or more than that. The additive damage just doesnt work if it doesnt increase when we upgrade the towers. And it seems silly that there is an exact number on the gear and it would be different for some defenses. Like LA gets the number 1:1 and LSA would get it 1:10 to get the same effect.. wasted time to balance it like that for every tower when you can just go with the mulpliers and it's balanced between all the towers right away basing on the tower dmg.

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