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Hero damage types.

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I have started playing high end maps recently. With resistances as high as they are heroes can't contribute much beyond body blocking if the enemies resist their damage types. Apprentice is pure magic and is completely useless in a grounded magic resist lane. With lanes rolling two special effects grounded is very common. The other characters have a mix of magic and physical which is very awkward trying do damage in a lane with AP builds. Squire does physical with his attacks but sword beam does magic so in any given situation one is useless.

It is frustrating not being able to help a lane out because I'm useless against it in every way. It is anti-fun having abilities that are useless. If we had a wide variety of abilities per character making some situational is fine. When you only have 3 abilities the situations that make one useless need to be uncommon. 50% of the lanes making X ability useless is not acceptable.

My solution is to make hero attacks bypass or ignore damage resistances. This will let us adjust who goes to what lane based on the enemy types spawning instead of forcing a player into a lane the entire game to counter a resist. It will also make the abilities of characters useful in every lane instead of the current situation.

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