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What's the deal? Featuring: iPWR

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Even before the patch, I have been stumped as to how iPWR works. Normally, you'd think that the higher it is, the greater that piece of equipment will be but I've seen time and time again that it isn't necessarily true. Some items that boast such enticing numbers can sometimes come up with worse iPWR than the one you have equipped, which led me to think: How is iPWR calculated? 

I've never gave it too much thought until now, it was always something that was more of a slight irritant rather than a complaint but since the newest update and the wipe, it has become much more of a problem to me. Why? Because levels and modes are locked behind a minimum iPWR barrier and there has been time where I had to forsake my good gear with poor quality pieces just because the game dictates that it must be better because its iPWR is higher! The game has already became much harder than before (not that I don't like challenges, mind you) it's just that I shouldn't have to compromise myself just so I can manage another map. Loot drops right now are however pretty poor but getting better since the hotfix addressing the issue came out, but it still doesn't help since iPWR still feels like its holding the game back.

There are a few things I'd like to see changed about how iPWR works. Firstly, make it so that it adds up all of the stats on piece and divides it by 3 and then add flat amount of iPWR based upon the additional stats the Armour gives. For example:

Best Test Chest

Hero Physical Resist: 80

Hero Damage: 23

Tower Health: 18

Hero Critical Chance is increased by 150.55 (seriously though, why does it show up like this? Why not a percent value?)

Life Leech 50 health every strike


(80+23+18) / 3

121 / 3

= 40.33


40.33 represents the base power level the item will have, now the other stats this piece gives will be given a flat number to add onto this value (values are just an example and can be changed to whatever people feel like it should be).


Hero Critical Chance = 10

Life Leech = 15


= 65 (2 s.f.(two significant figures))


With this method, I believe that the iPWR level will produce much more accurate results than they do currently and will hopefully reduce the amount of occurrences like this. Another thing to note is that if an item only has a single stat to give (like the picture I've attached) then it will still divide by three regardless since a lack of any other stat is pretty poor to have on a piece.

Lastly, another suggestion to perhaps solve a similar problem is if there were a way to tell the game what stats you'd prefer to look for in a piece, then it'll change it's little suggestion system to cater to what you're looking for. Say for example you're prioritizing Tower Damage,  Tower Critical Chance and Tower Critical Damage. Once you've inputted this in, the suggestion system will only thumb up items that have better stats than of those you have selected. While it isn't as important as my main suggestion, it would make things more convenient and to have both of these in would be great.

TL:DR - Change the way iPWR level is calculated and bring in a way for us to select preferred stats for the suggestion system to find.

Thanks for reading if you did :D   


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