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Deck System Improvements

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Double down on the decks, dudes.

Here's What I Got:

In addition to spheres, add other ways to progress your character via cards that can be inserted under a hero card in your Hero Deck. Use Betsy Coins or whatever they're called to buy booster packs which contain these cards that have mods that vary from powerful to useless to cosmetic to bizarre.

1. Intense Training: +1-4% Hero Damage

2. Constructive Activities: +3-7% Defense Health

3. Tough Exterior: Hero Physical Resist +1-10%

4. Be Water, My Friend: add 10% of physical damage to attack as water damage

5. You're All Sheeple!: 3-5% chance to turn enemies hit by your attacks into sheep for 3 seconds.

6. What Big Teeth You Have!: Your pet's attack grows by 10% and its size grows by 25%

7. Come To Me!: Allies gain healing regeneration bonuses when near you.

There could be dozens if not hundreds of these and they'd add a lot to how you'd approach your game. It can be a feature unlocked at level 50, rewarding players with a new option for progression as they progress into the endgame.

Anyway, what do you guys think? This is just an example of how the deck system could be expanded into something truly great. Do you have any other ideas?

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I'm going to bump this because I think it's a good post. I hope you guys help me out here and give it a look. If you disagree, then tell me why. Thanks!

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