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If you know the name, you know what I'm referring to. But for those who don't, let me explain.

Last night I finally found an upgrade to my level 17 legendary bow. It was only level 22, but it was still better. So I decided to upgrade it. 36 levels later, I had a nice, shiny bow. (which reminds me, there should be a toggleable option to make your weapons shinier the higher level you upgrade them. Until eventually you're walking around glowing so much you look like a small sun)

Anyway back to the main point. I burned roughly 3 bags of items upgrading this thing to level 36. The majority of which were mythical. I thought to myself "Gosh darn, wouldn't it be nice if there were a dedicated upgrade item?" Basically, a Fusion core, or perhaps "Enchanting runes" is an item that serves no purpose aside from upgrading an item, but have a greater upgrade value than other items. Perhaps around Mythical or slightly higher, but below legendary.

So how do we get them? Do you really want even more items cluttering up your drop tables? Well I mean I guess you could drop them like other items. In a recent livestream devs said they wanted to rebalance the economy, removing some value from selling items and shifting that toward missions. Enchanting Runes would have very little sell value. On top of that, one thing I notice they mention is the possibility of item rewards in daily missions. Well as well as that, why not offer them as daily rewards? You could offer them in bundles of 5 to 10, depending on the quality of runestones.

Oh, quiality, did I touch on that? Whoops. Let me get to that now. Runestones (I changed the name again, the previous one sounded silly to me.) comes in varrying degrees of worthwhileness. Common runestones might have 50% standard enchanting power, but they are incredibly cheap. A bundle of 5 may only get you to level 5 or 6, but i'll only cost you 500 gold. Rare Runestone however might get you all the way to 18 or 19, burning 50 or 60k in the process. 

Optional: I just thought of this one. Like literally as I typed the period in that last paragraph.

LEGENDARY RUNESTONES! Extremely rare. These little monsters do something totally different. There can be a wide array of effects. When used in enchanting, they don't necessarily give much more experience to the item, but they add something. You might have one that increases the level requirement by a few levels, thereby increasing the stats of the item by an appropriate amount. Man, wouldn't that be nice to have on my level 17 legendary bow?

Maybe there's a runestone that rerolls the effects on the item into another class.

Or how about one that adds a unique cosmetic effect? Like little birds floating around your head. Wait, now we're TF2? Weren't we discussing warframe a moment ago? No no, this is clearly D3, because you could also add sockets to items that achieve these same effects but in a removable reusable manner. 

It could also be possible to break down certain combinations of items to create some of these. 4 class rerolls and a knight sword combine into a specific class reroll token that can be used to reroll all effects on an item to match a specific class, rather than just randomly rerolling. Oh dear, we're getting back to tf2 here, and a bit of PoE while we're at it.

Speaking of that, I mentioned gear sockets earlier. If Runestones can add sockets to gear what goes in those sockets? We have equippable skill spheres right now. By using sockets on gear, it gives a customisable and highly advanced way of equipping our skill spheres.  My weapon has 2 small skill sphere slots, and my chest piece has a single large slot. With so many more slots, the spheres are much weaker individually. Rather than providing +roughly 320 defence power with a 3 spheres, you might have 7 or 8 giving you +50 each.

Each piece of gear may have a slot on it, sometimes more than one. This means you can mix and match to have a bunch of stat increasing small spheres, or maybe a small number of large spheres that alter your playstyle more dramatically. It's random as to how many are on each piece of gear, and what kind they are. Though there is an upper limit to how many of each type you can actually have. (This would mean creating more and more large sphere effects, so this entire socket system may be pointless)

Okay im out of ideas. 


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@Axianamos quote:-snip-

I do like the idea of adding something like fusion cores to the game, as long as they are decently rare, not like super duper rare, but not so common that you end up using more fusion cores (or whatever we gonna call it (maybe like mini versions of the etherian crystals we protect?) than other items to upgrade with imo

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