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My Perfect 6 Character Deck! Whats yours?

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After playing over 300 hours into the game and adapting to the changes and patches in the game.  I believe I've created the perfect 6 heroes to complete any and all maps types.   

1. Monk (Buff Build)  All stats into Tower Health and % of course.

2. Monk (Lightning Build) Defense Power and Defense Speed.  % increase lightning aura attack rate.  

3. Apprentice (Flame Build)  Defense Power and Defense Speed. % Flamburst increase

4. Squire (Stun Build) Defense Power and Defense Speed (more speed then Power)  % chance cannonball stuns. (% ballista deal dmg is great too)

5. Huntress (2 builds for this one)

          I keep two sets of armor for this one.

                       1st build (Geyser Build)  Defense Speed, Tower Health  (anything more then 2.2 second recharge rate is overboard)

                       2nd build (Explosive Trap build)  Defense Power, Tower Health. % Explosive Trap Damage.

6. Huntress (DPS)  this can be whatever Hero DPS you want.

I believe this combination of heroes is the best overall.  

If you want an explanation on why or how I use certain builds, please let me know and I'll explain.

Other builds I've chosen not to use, and why.

Apprentice (Frost Build) all stats into Frost.      Frost are meant to slow enemies down so other towers can DPS them.  But, if enemies are reaching your Frost, then your build is flawed.  Having more health on Frost towers seems pointless.

Monk (Hybrid)  Lightning/Boost   -    Gearing for this char is probably the hardest in the game.  Even if you manage to get the best gear in the game.  Its still going to be lacking on either Lightning or Boost.      

Squire (Waller)   So far, walls in DD2 are extremely lacking. The only reason I've ever used them was for Decoys, which doesn't require Defense Health.

Huntress (Poison Build) *no real reason I don't have this build.     I want this but Character slots prevent it.  I made my DPS Huntress with the assumption I will change it to Poison build in the future.

What do you believe are the best combinations?

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I got bored with the boost monk, aura monk and geyser huntress build as you can easily complete all content with it without lifting a finger. I swapped it to a geyser huntress, explosive huntress, and AA/boost monk and that's made things slightly more entertaining for me.

I start out by laying geyser traps with my geyser huntress, then lay 5 explosives around them with my explosive huntress. lastly I use boost auras and AA's where needed, only using LSA's for ogres and bosses. No electrocute combos or legacy gear.

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I'm stuck with only 4 heroes. I thought 6 heroes was a Defense Council thing, but apparently not.

Squire - Stacked with phys res

Monk & Huntress lazy stunlock combo and an apprentice I never use.

Huntress is stacked with THP and TSPD and the monk is stacked with TSPD and TDMG. Pretty bad gear, but I can still farm Betsy Hard Inc. Can't find any good items tho, so I'll stick with 1k TDMG monk for now.

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So basically, exactly like 90% of other players. There's too little variation, because this is identical to almost every player you'd come across.

Although, I don't use geyser and lightning combos personally, that's the cheap tactic for the casual(s) to progress at a steadily rate to keep up with the most determined players.

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1) Boost Monk

2) Lightning Aura Monk

3) Phys Resist/Serenity Aura Monk (tank)

4) Flame tower Apprentice - also have a full AP set for him in inventory (AP apprentice is prob my fav to play atm)

5) Huntress- I have a geyser set, an explosive set, and a full DPS set

6) Squire Waller 

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[[73542,users]]  Yea, a few of the characters are what most use.    But, I normally use Explosive Traps, Flameburst, and Boost.  its makes the maps fun :D      

[[30942,users]]  I sadly agree kobold.png.      But hopefully that will change soon.

I know the lightning Monk is OP right now.  But, I'm not going to delete him because of it.  I actually don't use him anymore because of it.   However, this was meant to be  6 characters that can beat all content even after the upcoming patch.

[[59780,users]]  Never heard that before.  you should beable to make 6.

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If i really were doing anything besides daily from time to time, i would probably have a different kind of character deck :P

But currently its

1. Lightning Monk (surprise surprise)

2. Boost Monk/tank monk

3. Full tank Squire (phys resist stack + little hp)

4. Geyser Huntress

5. Useless apprentice (never bothered to use this char so its pretty *** :P)

6. DPS/explosive trap Huntress (got 2 set of gear but usually i just use DPS)

Once Onslaught is released i'd probably chance to tower squire, explosive trap/poison dart huntress, tower apprentice and keep my 2 monks as they are as well as my geyser huntress.

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1. Squire with tower stats from before the ballista was nerfed to hell; occasionally used to tank and build barricades with a gear swap.

2. Apprentice with tower stats from before the flameburst was nerfed to hell; rarely use him if ever.

3. Huntress with a hero dps build before hero dps was nerfed to hell; now with crit gear!

4. Monk with tower stats before the lightning aura was nerfed to…yeah right, who am I kidding?

5. Monk with boost gear; also used as a tank.

6. Huntress with a geyser build; also used to build explosives with a gear swap.

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