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Non Human Hero: Quab!

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We can defend them, we have the technology. It's your favorite secondary objective, and unsung hero.... Quab : )

Need to kill some wyverns en masse? Call Quab. Need somebody to stolidly hold down the fort? Quab. Is your menu severely lacking in seafood options... Qua-... hey, get back here! Don't you scuttle away!


Quab is a solid champion of Etheria, both defender and defense, tower and hero, a warrior and emergency meal option. He specializes mainly in long distance combat, and works best as the teams artillery and sniper.

Quabs weapon is whatever type of ammunition that he fires. Quab is a take charge, independent crustacean, that doesn't need no weapon to kill monsters. He scuttles, so his particular method of aiming and movement are gonna be a little bit different, but helpful once you get used to them. His damage is reduced while moving freely, and his shots are more inaccurate whilst scuttling about. Still, he hits dang hard if you decide to treat his shots the way you would a sawed off shotgun, scuttling backwards and firing into the crowd.


Emerald Aegis: Digs in, losing the ability to move, but gaining range as far as can be seen, with full accuracy and damage. Quab counts as a tower for boosting purposes while he remains in this state. A possible downside is, he draws increased threat.

Triple Threat: Puts his shield forward, as the squire does, and channels a quick series of shots forwards. If not planted, he will scuttle-dash forward and ram the enemy back.

Flak Attack: His signature move, he fires a powerful shot that heavily damages air targets in an aoe. Normally a couple of these fired at an air spawner will keep the skies good and clear.

Left Click, Right Click: His main attack is weaker and less accurate when not planted and stable, the ammunition varying with what he has picked up and equipped. His right click, however, is an arced artillery shot. Unlike apprentices, it will not fire until and unless fully charged, but it is quite effective at doing aoe damage to crowds. Typically, his weapons will give a bonus to his artillery shots, rewarding players who can aim well. If you have trouble aiming, it's much easier when you use your first ability to get stationary!


Quab Shell:
Quab shells are small, anonymous, discarded shells that function as weak walls the enemy will usually ignore, unless they block their path entirely. Cheap to build, useful for funneling or light mazing. Almost always a few of these are worth the DU in how they improve the wave pattern for buildings and heroes to capitalize on.

Crust Station: Encrusts nearby buildings. Encrustment is a temporary shield that prevents all damage until it is removed. Encrustment builds up very slowly up to a max, and serves as an alternative buff for keeping buildings from needing repair. These are excellent at helping buildings that get damaged only occasionally, as opposed to constantly being hit.

Black Globster: These... unique... sea creatures squirt an oily goop in an arc. While it appears to function like regular oil, it has the added benefit of disabling most flying creatures, causing them to fall. This is an aoe, and does no actual damage (aside from fall damage that air would take).

Anemone Mine: Does heavy poison damage and stuns a single enemy.

Playing as a Quab:

Quab excels at buckling down and covering a single, long lane with a clear view. If there is a narrow enough path, he can use his bulk to form a wall of Emerald Aegis crab power, filling up any gaps behind him with spare Quab Shells, and tuck a Crust Station somewhere safe nearby to give himself a shield for enemies that manage to get a little too close. Globsters can help out the lanes he is not watching, or goop down crowds he can mow down with well timed shots and abilities. Anemone Mines are especially good at making sure the things that get past all that take the damage heavy, and are held still long enough for him to line up a shot.

Quab can also scuttle close as a different sort of off-tank, knocking back crowds and lowering their general health situation with blast after blast, then scooting back to lay into them heavy, healing, and getting back in again. Crab gorilla warfare.

Quabs main strength, though, is in support fire. He can take down priority targets best when he has allies ensure he needn't worry so much about protecting himself, and instead focuses on lining up and firing shot after shot as and where needed. In a good spot, he can snipe down stragglers and leaks in lanes he can see, most certainly clear out the air with that giant cannon and flak of his, and if du is spent, likely it will be careful emplacements of his buildings in support of others and himself. Such as Quab Shell funnels to get the aoe hitting more effectively, his included, and Crust Stations to keep far defenses stalled alive til him and his allies can deal with troops there, then effect much cheaper repairs.

Post your <3 or </3  people. Ideas are always welcome.

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@› Rabid Lemming quote:

Does quab hero die at the start of the first round too?

Probably, if he tries to solo everything unmoving outside of any towers range :D Also, that Quab, I think that's his cousin, Leeroy.

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Like it :)

I would also love to play as the scavenger. I can think up some pretty sick stuff for that old pervert.

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