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Hi guys,

today i defeated betsy, and she dropped a nice mythical totem!

for the record: i was using the legendary totem and the mythical totem dropped. screenshot here:


As you can see, the myth totem has a % increase in boost aura defence damage boost.

I decided if it was an upgrade or not and went to a private tavern, and did the folling steps:

1. wear legendary totem, build LSA and check DPS

2. wear myth totem and check DPS.

To my surprise, i saw i could heal the LSA. pretty logical, but i thought it was weird to repair my aura (tier 1) beyond 100%.

I decided to upgrade it, and found out i could upgrade the LSA to over 400%! 

I guess this is a bug? 

BTW: im still thinking which totem i should keep, any ideas? :) ^^ 

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It is normal for a boost aura to gain 25% more to its health each upgrade level. Gaining enough defense health maybe allowed it to scale up to over 400%. I personally find the result of defense health on aura health % to seem completely at random. It never seems consistent.

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I played around with it awhile ago and from what i can tell It's just a bug in how the life is reported.  Basically the % is calculated from the original life of the boost when placed not the current total of your gear.  It still dies at the same rate it just doesn't show the value properly.

Edit: If you inspect the tower it shows the correct value.

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