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PS4 Controller Use

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Just in case anybody wanted to use the PS4 controller with DD2. The "use controller" setting doesn't pop up for me personally with a PS4 controller being emulated through DS4 as an X360 controller. Just in case anybody was looking for one or was thinking of playing DD2 with a controller as a different style of play

DS4 Download: http://ds4windows.com/

Just follow the link to download and it can download the xbox360 driver through the program

Here is the list of commands that are put into a profile. Just assign each of the profile controls to whatever you have it set to as on your keyboard

  • Primary Attack / LMB - RT
  • Secondary Attack / RMB - LT
  • Ability 1 - LB
  • Ability 2 - RB
  • Ability 3 - Triangle
  • Ability 4 - PS Button
  • Tower 1 - D-pad Up
  • Tower 2 - D-pad Left
  • Tower 3 - D-pad Down
  • Tower 4 - D-pad Right
  • First Use Interaction (Defaulted to E key ingame) - Square
  • Jump - X
  • Upgrade Tower - Press bottom left touchpad
  • Sell Tower - Upper touchpad
  • Repair - Press bottom right touchpad
  • Ready / G - R3
  • Ping - Share button
  • Escape - Options button
  • Mouse movement is set to right thumbstick

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Hey there! You have the wrong forum. You want the DD2 forums General Discussion, not DD1's General Discussion. Here's DD2's General Discussion.

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