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DDDK Tutorial: Setting Wave Points(Start,End,and In Between)

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Hello everyone! So I may  just be really dumb but it took me forever to find how to set the level's starting wave appropriately. (Thanks to Nexus for pointing me in the right direction) What makes it most confusing in my opinion is that the final and start wave values are in two completely different places! So I figured it might be good to have a little tutorial on how you set the start and final waves as well as starting from a certain wave within the DDDK. Without further ado:

Step 1: Open up World Properties

Go to View > World Properties to open up the World Properties menu

Step 2: Change Wave to Start At Value

In the top search bar type in wave to... and you will find the Wave to Start At property. This is what you need to change to set  your starting wave. Sounds pretty common sense right? >.>

Step 3: Open Kismet

Go to View > UnrealKismet to open up the kismet window.

Step 4: Set the Final Wave and Change the Wave Number

FinalWaveNumber: sets the final wave for the level
WaveNumber: sets the current wave for the level

If you're wanting to test your level from a certain wave use the WaveNumber to do this. For example if you were testing to make sure your boss sequence worked but didn't want to have to play through the whole map every single time you would set the WaveNumber to be the same as your FinalWaveNumber.

As always I hope this tutorial was clear and concise. Happy developing!

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