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Barbarian 2.0

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Here are my thoughts on potential for the barbarian. He should either dual wield swords or get some hand axes instead so he can have weapons unique to him. And just like the first one I think he shouldn't have any towers, but have buffing stances. All stances drain combat mana over time.

Primary Attack: He simply sweeps his blades from side to side.

Secondary Attack: Charges up for a shockwave attack that attacks enemies in front of him and pushes them back a bit.

Combat skills

Heavy Throw: The barbarian throws one of his weapons at a target stunning it for a few seconds then pulls the weapon back with a chain. If used on a flying enemy it will knock them out of the sky slamming them to the ground doing a bit of earth damage. This skill has a limited range. 8 second cooldown.

Blood rage: While this skill is active he gains an increasing hero damage and skill power bonus the more he lands attacks on enemies. Basic attacks and combat skills will both contribute to this effect. The damage bonus resets when the skill expires or is restarted. 20 second cooldown.

Rend Armor: A powerful physical blow that strikes the area in front of him. Any effected enemies will take slightly more damage from all sources and enemies with physical resistance will suffer 20% reduced resistance while under its effect. This effect lasts for 10 seconds. 25 second cooldown.


Frenzy stance: The barbarian tosses caution to the wind and boosts his his hero damage and skill power while reducing his damage resistance.

Turtle stance: In this stance he greatly boosts his physical and magic damage resistance, but deals reduced hero damage and his movement speed is much slower.

Tornado stance: Nearby enemies are constantly being slowly pulled to the barbarian taking small amounts of cold damage. The cold damage does not provide benefits for attacking enemies like life steal or his blood rage. Hero damage is reduced in this stance.

Swift stance: The barbarian attack speed and movement speed are increased while reducing damage resistance and hero damage.

Unique Skill spheres


Rending blow: Enemies hit with heavy throw bleed for a few seconds taking X% extra physical damage over time.

Syphoning strikes: Landing attacks on enemies boosts you mana regeneration by a small stacking %.

Feed the need!: Increase the duration of Blood rage by X second(s).

Stay broken: Increase duration of rend armor by X second(s).


Stance enhance: Boosts the effects of all stances further. This includes the negative effects as well.

Shatter armor: enemies take increased X% of damage while armored enemies lose an extra 5% resistance while under the effects of rend armor.

Blood for the blood king!: Increases the damage bonus for each strike during blood rage.


No thoughts here yet.

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I support this idea. And remember his amazon female costume from the first dungeon defenders? I think that should be a character all it's own.

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One of the things that trendy has said (as a goal that they keep in mind for balance etc) is that each class should be able to solo, should have towers and abilities that set up and finish combos and should be able to (to some extent) deal with any situation (some heroes better than others). I feel like the barbarian you have described will not fulfill any of these criteria.

Perhaps try to re-imagine the class with the abilities being the stances and with some unique barbarian-like towers (just my opinion of what would be realistic for being put into dd2)

Personally, I would imagine the barbarian as having net traps (that snare enemies in place for a bit), spike traps (that spike people), catapults (that throw sheep! :P) and some kind of consumable dispenser (that buffs players/towers when used)

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