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DDDK Tutorial: Importing Heroes

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I don't know if this is exactly an obvious thing or not but I know it was a little confusing for me so I figured I would write up the solution for future aspiring DDDKers. This tutorial will help you import your heroes from an open save to be useable in the development kit's play environment.

Step 1: Export to Open

Go into ranked and choose your character. Then click the "Export to Open" button on the left side like in the picture above. That's it, easy first step huh?

Step 2:Find your Open save file.

Navigate to Program Files (x86) > Steam > SteamApps > common > Dungeon Defenders > Binaries > Win32. If you have already used the DDDK and played in the viewport you will see four Heroes files like mine. If you haven't opened the DDDK yet you would see only the first two without the .dev on the end.

Step 3: Make a copy and change the extension.

Make a copy of your 'DunDefHeroes.dun' file, this is your save in open, and put it anywhere else (for example your desktop). Now right click on it and rename it to DunDefHeroes.dun.dev. You will get a warning that says changing filetype extensions can cause corruption, just ignore it and hit ok.

Step 4: Overwrite DDDK heroes save file.

Now either delete the DunDefHeroes.dun.dev that's in your Win32 folder and then drag the one you renamed in, or just drag it straight in and click accept when it asks to overwrite existing. That's it, now you should have your lovely heroes in the DDDK so you can test your level away!

For other great tutorials check out Cr4zy's page http://cr4zyb4st4rd.co.uk/tutorial.html

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Does this still work?  I tried a few times and it always reverts back to the previous .dev version.

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