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Static, Dynamic, Percentile - Numbers on items and when/where to use them (Part 1)

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The power/benifit of items that grant static boosts to stats can at times be a great boon or entirely negligible. Of course this is PRE-alpha and I understand that balence is not a big priority but i want to bring to the attention of Trendy my feelings on the scaling and wording of numbers.

As we all know getting new loot (especially usable pieces) is one of the most exciting parts of Dungeon Defenders and I think that it brings and enormous amount of appeal and reputability to the game. As fun as stats are, if they are useless then they take up space and add unnecessary confusion to the game. 

For the next five days I am going to create a new thread focusing on some of the following effects that items I have acquired offered, why they should be changed, and how to change them.

  1. "25% chance per attack spike blockade heals itself for 4.61% of damage dealt"
  2. "0.19 increase in aura radius" UPDATE: Part 2 can be found here
  3. "17.6 mana restored every 5 seconds."
  4. "13.07 reduction in ability mana cost."
  5. "35% chance to deal 244.8 magical earth damage when landing after jumping"

"25% chance per attack spike blockade heals itself for 4.61% of damage dealt"

First off I think that just for clarification this should read "when attacked."

At first glance this is a cool idea, it lets my spiked blockade last longer and even might cut down on green mana repair costs.

Now if you make a simple calculation such as 4.6*.25 you can find that this wall over time would average a 1.15% heal of all damage it takes. However because the wall only has a 25% chance to proc off the damage enemies with varying attack damage throws off this number and a consistency can't really be calculated especially since we have no indicators of just how hard any one enemies is hitting. When I look at the original text of this item I am unable to tell whether or not this effect is good, bad, or somewhere in between.

If the item was reworded as "When attacked, Spiked Blockade heals itself for 1.15% of the damage dealt." I am able to recognize that this is a definite boost in the walls survivability. This may also be simply worded "Your Spiked Blockade has 1.15% additional health." Whoa. Although easier to understand we have completely removed the previous ability and that is not what I want to see.

How this can be changed: Have the wall get healed for .x% of the players Defense Health stat when struck by melee attacks.

Explanation: This change allows for players to know exactly how much their walls are being healed for by each attack because (unlike enemy damage numbers) they have access to the information the item describes (Defense Stat.) It also has a clear weakness against ranged attacks (which makes logical sense for a spiked blockade) in that it will not restore life from those attacks and therefore even with the highest possible Defense Health stat it is impossible that the walls will become invulnerable on their own. If this is a potential worry there could even be an internal timer between heals. I think this change would provide the same kind of effect but with a lot less confusion and give the players a much clearer idea of how beneficial an effect like this is.


Old: "25% chance per attack spike blockade heals itself for 4.61% of damage dealt"

- Percent chance vs highly varying attack damage across enemies

- Per attack making little sense vs ranged enemies

- Healing for an amount that can never be understood by the player.

New: "When struck in melee Spike Blockades heal for 1% (imput1%ofplayerDefenseHealthStatInBrackets)" of your Defense Health stat.

- Definitive, quantifiable effect with an ability that can scale to be used at any item level.

- Based off a charecter stat that is shown clearly to the player

I would be interested in hearing other people's thoughts on the idea for this change and any other suggestions on how this effect can be done in a clearer way.

I would also like to give a thanks to Iamisom for his referal to my previous thread: Do You Want Players to Play The Game

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Adding actual metrics to the %s is only a good thing.

For armour that increases aura radius a before and after would be good - ideally we could see all stats whilst switching armour etc to see the real time changes (as well as stats on pieces giving a before and after). Is there even  separate range stat to view ( that isn't inspecting a tower??)

It should also be clearer what stacks and how e.g critical hit damage % increases. 

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For the spike blockade chance on heal, if it were me, I'd simply remove it. 

Replace it with "Your spike blockade periodically heals x% of health every x seconds. 

It makes it worth using, saves mana from having to repair the squishy worthless things, and ultimately makes it a part of a core build that you should want to use. 

But then again, drops would have to be changed drastically, for any unique builds to be really viable at times.

Getting items with double "X% more gold drops!" is obnoxious, a waste of rolls, and just kills any fun because the amount of gold that drops is negligible, almost always. If it were more substantial, I could see its uses, but in its current incarnation, I hope they get rid of these pointless stats.

I want to to have different sets of gear, for different things, and do different things.

Going all "defense power/speed" or vendor the gear, is poor gameplay. Here's to hoping that they change things for the better.

Sorry for the rant and veering off topic, at times.

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