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Private game with more options please!

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There is only one thing i find kinda sad, the fact that the more players you have in your game the better chance is there for better loot. RIght ?

So why is there no option after making a private game & inviting your friends to the game.

Let's say you are a person with few friends in this game like me, i have 1-2, We dont get the option to get better loot because we dont que up in public. 

So why is there no option to actaully search for members AFTER you have created a private game ?? :(  

I mean.. those who makes private games.. they get punished because they dont que alone in public ? that's weird...

But i guess no one then me really cares about it, but i hope that some feedback on this would be great, as i doubt im the only one being annoyed by this.

IF NOT to que alone in public, atleast give the option to que with MORE in public OR let us have a "Looking for more" in private sessions so people can have full groups for the benefits and for the lonley with no friends hihi :D

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