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[Early Access] Pets & Dragons: Patch Notes and Discussion

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The Pets & Dragons update is here! As you know from our Dev Logs, our team has put so much of its soul into this update. We’re exhausted, but we hope you enjoy it! Read below for the full patch notes:




Seriously, there’s a lot of ‘em. Happy hunting!

Early Access Rewards!


  • Based on the version of DD2 you purchased, you should now have gems added to your account. Cha-ching!
  • If you purchased the Defense Council Co-Op Pack, please check your email for the rest of your currency.

Costumes and Accessories

  • 4 stylish Early Access Accessories, one for each hero4 debonair Collector’s Edition Costumes (Collector’s Edition owners)
  • 4 another-word-for-appealing Defense Council Accessories (Defense Council pack owners)
  • WARNING: Yes, it’s in all caps for emphasis! These items are first added to your Inventory and must be double-clicked in the Inventory to activate them. Be careful when managing your Inventory after claiming these items at the Mailbox!


  • Dragonfall Defender (Collector’s Edition owners)
  • Defense Councillor (Defense Council pack owners)

Bag Upgrades

  • If you buy Early Access before May 5th, your Inventory is upgraded to 7 Premium bags for free!
  • Premium and Standard bag slots can now be purchased with gems.

DD1/DDE Loyalty Rewards

  • If you have DD1 or DDE on Steam, you’ll also receive an additional $6 of gems and an exclusive “Veteran Defender” in-game title for free! This offer is only available for a limited-time. Thanks for your support, Defenders!


Betsy’s Rampage Adventure Pack

  • 3 new maps in a new region: Gambler’s Pass!
  • Our first boss: Betsy, the Wyvern Mother!
  • 3 new Incursions
  • 4 new legendary weapons and 1 legendary armor piece with unique passives


Pets and Eggs!

  • 9 new pets for you to find, level up and become attached to before we manipulate you emotionally by killing them in the final act. (We’ll never forget you, Atreyu.)
  •   This first phase introduces 3 pet species        




  • Pet eggs will now drop as you play the game
  • Pet eggs can be incubated at the Hatchery and will hatch into pets. Currently, the Hatchery takes 8 hours to hatch a pet. We’re going to analyze the feedback about this for future tweaks.
  • Pets have two progression paths associated with them:

          -Power: feed your pet to make it more powerful improving the damage it deals

          -Affection: fight alongside your pet to make it grow more attached to you improving the stats it has that affect your hero

  • In future updates, pets will gain passive/active abilities, and they’ll evolve into even cooler creatures! You’ll also be able to get reroll items in case the pet didn’t hatch to your liking.


Skill Spheres!

  • Thanks to your feedback, the old Spec Node system was reforged into the new-and-improved Skill Sphere system!
  • Starting at level 5, you can earn Skill Sphere Slots.
  • There are 4 types of Skill Spheres & Slots

                Small Slots can only fit Small Spheres.

                Small Spheres are all about general stat improvements (like Defense Health, Defense Power and Hero Damage).


               Medium Slots can only fit Medium Spheres.

               Medium Slots provide general improvements to different aspects of the hero’s kit, including Defense Range!


               Large Slots can only fit Large Spheres.

               Large Spheres are all about specific additions or improvements to a hero’s kit.


               Uber Slots can only fit Uber Spheres.

               Ubers take a specific part of your hero’s kit and completely transforms into something completely new.

               In this update, you can only get Ubers that completely transform your defenses into something new, but future updates will bring Ubers                that change other elements of your hero’s kit.

  • Skill Spheres can be purchased from different vendors in the Hub

          -Small, Medium and Large Spheres can be purchased from the Gran Ma’ster.

          -Ubers can be purchased from the Adventure Vendor.

  • The old Spec Nodes that you’ve come to know and love were transformed into either Medium Skill Spheres or Large Skill Spheres.


Costumes and Accessories!

  • Our brand-new Costumes and Accessories system is here! Costumes are complete head-to-toe makeovers, and Accessories are elements of an individual Costume that you can swap to really make your Hero unique.
  • Each Costume has a set of Accessories associated with it.

          -The base Costume of each Hero now also have a set of Accessories associated with them.

  • Accessories can be purchased at the Costume Shop or earned through Locked Boxes.
  • Some Accessories can progress and change shape as you gain experience. We’re going to monitor player feedback on the amount of experience it takes to level up an accessory.


Guard Captain, Wyvern Tokens & Daily Quests

  • The Guard Captain will now give players Quests themed around the new Betsy adventure.
  • Completing these quests will give the player a new currency called Wyvern Tokens.
  • These tokens can be exchanged at the Adventure Shop in exchange for awesome rewards:

          -Betsy Dragon Egg

          -Lockbox Keys

          -Uber Specs

  • The Guard Captain will also act as a new daily Quest vendor once you reach the endgame. Each quest will reward you a different amount of Wyvern Tokens based on the quest’s difficulty.
  • The pricing of the items in the Adventure Shop are subject to change as we gather player feedback and metrics.


Major Tavern Update! (In descending order of importance)

  • Confetti!
  • Balloons!
  • 4 New Shops!
  • Pets Shop

          -Hatchery: allows you to incubate and hatch your pet eggs

          -Stable: allows you to feed your pets and equip them

  • Adventure Shop

          -Allows you to purchase unique rewards with the Wyvern Tokens, which you gain through Daily Quests

  • Skill Sphere Shop

          -Allows you to purchase and unlock small, medium and large Skill Spheres

  • Costume Shop

          -Allows you to purchase Costumes and Accessories!

  • New Adventure Character!
  • New Mailbox!



  • Lockboxes can be earned by playing the game.
  • Lockboxes contain Accessory pieces for different Costumes.
  • Lockboxes can be opened directly via premium currency or by using a key.
  • Keys are purchased from the Adventure Shop in the Tavern.


Betsy Legendary Weapons: Four new legendary weapons were added that are themed around Betsy.

  • These Legendary Weapons will have a chance to drop if you defeat Betsy in the Incursion playlist

          -Huntress: When the bow strikes enemies that are in the air, it has a chance to spawn grenades that fall to the ground damaging enemies              underneath.

          -Apprentice: Firing the staff on the ground will place a single curse aura. Enemies inside the curse aura deal less damage. Can only have                one curse aura active per Apprentice at any one time.

          -Squire: Attacking in the air now fires a sonic boom that deals damage to enemies as it passes through them.

          -Monk: Monk’s secondary attack has a chance to spawn a mini lightning aura that zaps enemies inside it for a few seconds before                            disappearing.


New Legendary boots added:

  • If you have the boots equipped, standing on Defenses will improve their defense power by a value.


Drop All Mana is here! Ctrl + M drops all Defense Mana, and Ctrl + N drops all Ability Mana. You may need to click the “Defaults” button in the Controls menu if it’s not working for you.


Quit to Desktop button has been added to the escape menu.


Visual Update and a language pass for most of our UIs.


New Challenges & Titles! Try to get them all!


Third Ogre added to Forgotten Ruins (Chrome) Incursion. This should even out the rewards between the Ramparts and Forgotten Ruins Incursions.

Victory Chests now drop appropriate loot for Hard Mode.

Arcane Volley

  • Substantially increased the damage it does. Base damage increased from 250 to 450 and the growth from 3.01 to 6.

Flameburst Tower

  • Enemies on the outer radius of the Flameburst impact take increased damage -- 25% damage at Tier 1 and 50% damage at Tier 5, up from 0% damage at all tiers.

Blaze Balloon

  • Increased base damage scale from 50% to 100% of Defense Power. This affects all upgrade tiers.
  • Blaze Balloon burning duration set to 6.1 seconds at all tiers. This value does not increase with any stats.
  • Blaze Balloon now matches the Geyser Trap's attack rate and charges. They scale with Defense Speed and Defense Health respectively.
  • Blaze Balloon burning areas can now stack.

Poison Dart Tower

  • The Poison Dart Tower now fully stacks its poison effect.
  • The poison effect damage has been increased 300% from 5% defense power to 20% defense power. Multipliers per tier upgrade remain unchanged.
  • The poison effect duration has been reduced to 8 seconds.

Passives (formally known as Special Stats)

  • All the existing passives have been rebalanced.
  • We’ve changed where certain passives can appear until we have more of them available. More Info

Double Fireball Spec (now Double Fireball Sphere)

  • We’ve heard a lot of feedback on the Double Fireball spec being useless for high Defense Attack Speed builds, so we’ve changed it!
  • Extra Flame Damage Sphere: chance for the damage dealt by the Flameburst or Flamethrower tower to be increased by a certain percentage.
  • Should now happen instantly and not require a second fire animation.



  • The Boy Prince was crying too loudly. We asked him to take it down a notch. Your parents are dead. We get it.
  • Players can no longer delete their active hero. Our customer support team is sleeping easier tonight until another fresh hell appears.
  • When an enemy walks into range of the Cannonball and Poison Dart Towers, the first shot the towers take will no longer be in the wrong direction. If only Greedo had this when he shot first. That’s right, nerds! We said it!
  • Remember the last update when we said the Skyguard would hit enemies from the Earthshatter’s Knockup spec? That was fun, right? Well, we mean it this time. Seriously.
  • Fixed areas in several levels that allowed players to escape the map. There is no escape from the fortress of the moles!
  • Huntress relics now spawn with 3 passives and all of your hopes and dreams.
  • Fixed a typo in a Huntress Challange description.
  • Players can no longer build towers in the water on the southwest portion of the Dragonfall Sewers because we hate water parks.
  • Players can no longer build towers behind several enemy spawn points in Gates of Dragonfall, Nimbus Reach and Ramparts because that was just silly.
  • Removed hopes and dreams from Huntress relics.
  • The “chance to increase movement speed on hit” passive now works. It didn’t before. That’s why it’s on this list.
  • Fixed some names for Heroic Wave on the Monk’s passives that were improperly named as Heroic Presence. Yes, we play our own game.
  • Fixed some of the icons for the Challenges. Knowing our UI, we probably broke some other ones. Our UI is a right pain in the ass. Just ask James.
  • The Ogre should never get stuck in the East Dock spawn point ever again. Maybe...
  • Fixed an issue with Throne Room build phase and combat phase music weren’t looping upon completion. Sweet tunes for your ear holes, Defenders!
  • Drakin/Dark Mage threat lane no longer causes a traffic jam in the West spawn point in Forgotten Ruins.
  • Fixed a bug where ranged enemies were not attacking the main objective in Siphon Site D. Why did we fix this? Was it bad that they weren’t attacking us?
  • Oddly specific patch note stating that the Billboard for the Procession Path spawner now properly shows the red exclamation mark when the Ogre spawns in Wave 5.
  • Inserted a patch note to let people know we intentionally misspelled Huntress Challenge earlier. It’s as if a million keyboard warriors suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.
  • Fixed an issue with Victory Music playing at double volume (twice) during Victory matinee across all maps. Apparently, turning things to 11 isn’t always a good thing.
  • The Impact passive no longer applies to the Monk’s ranged attack.
  • The Boost Aura now properly shows its durability loss with towers during combat phase.
  • Fixed a bug where an experience gain passive was appearing on items above level 20.
  • Flameburst tower should now mark targets if the passive appears.
  • Resolved several lane wisp indicator issues in The Ramparts.
  • The Etherian Maintenance Team was given an additional $5 to their budget, so they finally fixed the flickering light on the Forge.



  • Players are receiving random disconnects from the game with a “Host Left” message. We apologize for the frustration, and we’re looking into it.
  • The Social Tavern is laggin’ up a storm. We are actively investigating this. Sorry for the Time Warpin’.
  • When you sell an Accessory, you get in-game gold. This is a bug. THIS IS NOT INTENDED. We will be fixing this in a future update. In the meantime, don’t sell extra Accessories, we will figure out a use for them!
  • We mentioned Pet reroll items in the video, but they didn’t make it in time for this update. Next time, Defenders.
  • When you first load into the game, you will get a popup that leads here. We’re sorry we annoyed you. This will only happen once.
  • When incubating an egg, the icon for the egg will appear as a Huntress bow instead of an egg. No idea. Really weird.
  • If you double click quickly during a matinee, it will start over. So don’t double click.
  • When swapping to the Red Riding Huntress costume, the equipped bow will become distorted and it won’t be positioned correctly. This most commonly occurs with the non-default bow. For now, just swap heroes back and forth, and that should fix it. Or don’t. It honestly looks wild.
  • The Experience Bonus Sphere II bonus stat list a .2% increase when it should say 20%. Hey, we ain’t no math magicians.
  • Heroes can be heard attacking in the background when click on the Map Select screen. It’s really unsettling.
  • Unfortunately, the Seamstress hasn't figured out how to keep people out of your dressing room yet. Go to a Private Tavern for maximum privacy.
  • The Ping icon on the minimap is not displaying correctly. It looks like a Missingno glitch. We’re looking into it.
  • Some of the map icons on the Map Selection screen are out of line. Nothing a spanking won’t fix.
  • Several of the UIs have elements misaligned when viewed in different resolutions. Our producer said, “Just use the right resolution and shut up.” Hey, we’re just the messenger! We’re looking into it. In the meantime, use the right resolution and shut up. (That was our producer again! We swear!)
  • Some UI pop-ups cause UI elements in the background to shift while the pop-up is open.
  • Purchasing premium bags will overwrite the icon for the pets bag. Appears as if the pets bag has been lost. It hasn’t. Just re-open the Inventory UI.
  • Double-clicking items in the Inventory can cause the Sell feature to act up. Should you find yourself unable to sell items, just close and re-open the UI.
  • A few weapons and armors don’t have an Icon in their respective Tooltips.
  • The black background for the Mailbox UI doesn’t extend the full length of the window. (varies on different resolutions)
  • Some text strings are missing spaces. Other text strings are missing their family members and can’t wait to go spend time with them after this update and go on picnics and go see nature and feel the warm sunlight on their text-stringy skin.
  • When unlocking a title/challenge, the completion percentage for other titles can appear as a very large and unrealistic number. Will correct itself once you transition.
  • The Feed x10 pet food only feeds 1 item if feeding the pet something other than standard pet food.
  • Betsy doesn’t restore health when hit with items with the Lifesteal passive.
  • The Show Owned option in the Costume Shop doesn’t function properly after a few clicks and on certain tabs.
  • Item Enhancement: Items placed onto the Enhancement Wheel via Double click will not display the green highlight on the item icon.
  • Pet tooltips for certain pets display stats of 0 while on the Gates of Dragonfall and Dragonfall Bazar maps.

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I love how in the bug fixes you make them funny, which is great as it would be boring to read it otherwise to be honest

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