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TIB Change (Hotfix 3.1)

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This is awesome Yuwee (@iamison shared this with a bunch of people).

We're also pretty unhappy with the black backgrounds in the TIB and how messy it looks but we haven't had time to fix it. Now we have your awesome references to talk about when the time comes!

@Yuwee quote:

The 3h time limit is fine in my opinion for the current build though it may have to be re-evaluated based on the length of Onslaught games. One thing I cant stand though is the black tint on the items. It makes it very difficult to determine an items quality. The timer text on the items also clips as the font is too large. I would prefer the black tint was removed completely and the text shrunk slightly. However if your inclined to keep the tint for some reason perhaps an overlay similar to a skill cooldown would work. Items would start with their original icon and like a clock apply the tint as it approaches the auto sell point. The tint opacity would still have to be reduced so we can see item quality closer to the selling point.

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