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Name the New Spec Node System

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(reposted from the other side of this thread since it's an spec node effect and name)

A spec node named "abstraction" -- a combination of the word abstract (the ability related side of the node) and extraction (the result/reward the node will have when taken).

X ability you cast gives you green mana = to the damage dealt / Y.  Not only does this give an optional incentive to be active during the waves and not "build and afk" but it also promotes and rewards ability power builds.

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A few that I can think of right now.

  • Specialization Spheres
  • Skill Sets
  • Ability Enhancement
  • Etherian Specialization 
  • Defense Augments
  • Character Training
  • Skill Boost
  • Honed Abilities / Honed Towers

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I know that I suggested previously for the Ubers to be named Heroic Nodes, but I think Heroic Nodes make a lot more sense for the name of the spec node system.

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1) If these spec-node items are going to drop on a map, they should have the name of something tangible, I guess.

Maybe the spec node screen could resemble a book, and we pick up 'lost pages' to complete the book. 

Each hero has their own story, right? 

Maybe the pages contain exploits of past heroes, or spells for increasing one's abilities.

It could go in a few directions, to make sense in the game's world

2) You should call them "Relics", and change the name of the current relic slot, to Accessory or Trinket.


Ability Runes

Hero Augmentation

Heroic Essence 

Hero Glyph

Hero Enchantment

'glyph of something-or-other'

It sort of works...

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