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Today I was playing Incursions on "Hard Mode" and I saw that i picked up a pretty good armor piece so i put it in my bag. And then when I got to the tavern with my friends I equipped the armor piece, then I upgraded it and we started another run. During that run I picked up a legendary monk weapon then about 2 waves later I picked up the same exact weapon with the same stats. Then when we finished the run we went to the tavern and I saw that my armor piece was not equipped and not upgraded. The main point is, is that there is a glitch when you upgrade or equip or even sell an item it may still somehow "glitch" and come back in your inventory or bags, and you may lose some money or lose the item.

Armor Piece

Please fix this glitch.

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It seems to be the same as this issue:


Data just not saved on server, according to iamisom's last post the issue should be fixed now.

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