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Hello people!

I have recently purchased dungeon defenders collection edition (?) and I have just one issue, the game pause/freeze every time I pick up an item (loot). It keeps happening on every level, online, offline, solo and local coop. I have a relativly good PC. I have fiddled with the settings, I tried the worst settings and the best (max graphic) and there's no lag or nothing, its just that it keeps pausing/freezing. It really puts me off. 

Does anyone have any kind of tip on how to try and fix this? 

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I'm sorry your experiencing an issue running the game. Please send us your DxDiag to support[[63962,users]].com. This allows us to see what hardware you're running and some additional details about your computer that may assist us. 

Start -> Run -> type dxdiag and hit enter


Start -> type dxdiag and hit enter

Then click save all information and it'll put it into a DxDiag.txt file. 

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