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Kazoon ツ

A few questions, players response

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So for the next Dev Stream i've made a list of questions i have for this game, and improvements i want to see.
I would like to post it here aswell, for other players to read, and comment on, as i would like to hear how other people think about the topics.

Might be misplaced, but well, here goes.

I got 8 questions here:

1) Is it possible to get a text somewhere on the screen when you're in a tavern ( Not social ) and/or in a game, saying what difficulti you're at? Like 20-25 -> 25+ -> 25++?
- I've noticed alot of times where you're in a tavern, and you can't remember what difficulti you went into, so you have to leave game, to join a new, to be sure.

2) Is it possible to get a keybind (Like alt) that you can hold in while comparing items with the onces you got equipped, when holding this button, it will then compare it to your equipped item NOT counting the bonus upgrade stats.
-So like when you have 2 items that has 22 upgrade levels, and the one is leveled up, while the other is not, then you just hold ALT key, and you're able to compare them without having to calculate on stuff :)

3) Is it possible to have a key ( example I for inventory ) that opens up your inventory no matter where you are?
- You don't have to be able to do anything other than inspecting your gear. ( You cannot upgrade / switch / etc just view )
- As an example, everytime i'm looking through new gear, i go to the upgrader, to reset all my upgrade points before going through new loot, it would be much nicer if we could just have a keybind for this instead. ( Ex. Diablo -> Holding a keybind while comparing weapons, will compare without socket )

4) Could you make a keybind for "Drop ALL mana".
It's kinda annoying when you got like 500 mana you wanna drop to a mate, that you have to press the button 50 times... :b

5) Sub Cores & Level 25+ ->
So, after you hit level 25, and you're going to grind for gear, i've been thinking about the sub cores, and i don't really see any benefit in keeping them up versus the work of keeping them alive.
Are you planning to implent anything like increased loot chance for each round when kept up or something like that in the future / will the sub cores have more effect after reaching level 25, than it has now?

6) Legendary items
First off, i think there is dropping too many legendary items atm.
With that said, i don't like the way that the legendaries are made right now.
What i would like INSTEAD of random items, with random stats on, is specific items, with some pre-decided matching stats on (The amount the stat gives can still variate ).
- You can take examples from Diablo 2, where we had "Oculus", "Enigma", "Windforce" and i could go on. But the name and what type of stat it gave was predecided, and the stats had a specific range they could go between, so you had different qualities of that specific item like you could be lucky to get a Perfect Oculus, or you could get medium or low.
The main thing about this question is, if you're going to implent specific legendaries, and not just like " Ok, we take this visual, and we give it 4 stats, that are randomly decided. "
This would give a feeling of " YAAAY, i just found a oculus ! " ( requires that they will be some of the top items tho ofcourse )
Instead of just "Ok, i found another legendary - It got Defense health, and power - while having magic resist and ability power, completely useless and just going to be sold asap"

7) Unidentified Legendaries
Is it possible that we would ever see Unidentified Legendaries? I really like the point of finding a specific legendary ( explained in question 6 ) and then going to town after crossing your fingers while praying that it will turn out to be a good version of the item you already knew it was.

8) A question asked by AussieMark that i'm really interrested in aswell
"Will the game be mod friendly, ie: tracking total dmg done by the player per wave etc.
One problem I have is shooting from long ranges with the huntress I cannot actually see the DPS"

Thanks in advance - Kazoon.

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A simple fix for the drop mana is to bind the key to you mouse wheel.  You can drop the mana very quickly at that point.

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I agree on your Legendary suggestion with an added point. Make individual Legendaries come from specific maps. So if you want the "Oculus" do map X while if you want the "Windforce" do map Y. By doing this we will have people doing different maps to seek out specific items thus encouraging more varied gameplay.

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You are a bit drink, no?  Enigma was a rune word back in Diablo 2.  You can make it with a socked non magical armor and insert runes in a specific order.  The most OP piece of gear ever, totally not legendary.

Speaking of subcores, I think the devs say there are other subtle debuffs instead of a hole of enemies in upcoming maps.  My opinion is that I think you should be encouraged to defend the subcore but not coerced.  Human nature would dictate that once it involves loot people will be coerced to defend that instead of voluntarily choose to do it, because everyone will talk about the one run that you missed the legendary that is supposed to be the end-all be-all gear. 

I would suggest that buffs like enemies have increased range (thus outranging your stuff) or debuffs to your defense (probably stuff that cannot be relieved through better items) would be a better example of what can be put in.  You can choose to go out there and push those guys into your defense or have traps ready for them.  It should be effects that are obnoxious in a generic condensed setup.

Also I don't find unid to be a good idea.  D3 scrapped most of the ID process to legs and sets (as opposed to D2 where you have to ID everything.  Although D2 the ID is done very quickly D3 somehow want to have some sort of time delay in the ID process so you can cancel the ID or something) and you have a book to do it en masse.  it would be annoying to some extent I would think, especially after trading is open that people will buy/sell unid's out in the open, and d3 got hit with a security issue back then so this feature has a lot of potential for bugs that will frustrate people.  Just saying.

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