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[WTT] Various Items for a 125k Blaster rifle and a Mk2

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Hello!  I recently made a DPS Squire, and I have been searching for various component for the character.  However, my efforts have been fruitless, as I have not found anything yet.  So I thought I post something on the forums!

Here's the following I wan, if it's an unfair trade, please tell me!

60k+ Glad- I would like a 60k+ glad with good dps and ab2 stats

Trans Capping DPS set- Must have decent ab2 and capping resists

and finally...

Accessories- I mainly need a hat and some bracers.  Sup and must hae at least 300.  ab2 would be nice, too.

If it isn't enough, I'll run lab at 7:1 NMHC



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