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Fordon Greeman

[WTB] Certain event items

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Hi everyone, this is my first post here and hopefully not my last!

I want to buy some event items for items that I have no use for. 

More specifically, I'm looking for:

  •  Mana Master;
  • Glacier's Demise (x2);
  • Rainmaker;
  • Greater Magicite of Wind (the quad cap diamond)

I know those items are super rare but hopefully you'll find your pick in what I'm offering.

I have loads of armor. Plenty of ultimate pieces that I'm willing to trade for those items. I have at least 4 sets of capping (in terms of tower damage) tower sets and most of the pieces have all 4 tower stats. Pretty much all of them have at least tower health, damage and attack rate.

I also have capping ultimate++ weapons from Akatiti Jungle. I have one staff (Obsidian Clava) with all four tower stats in the 600 range (radius is 597) with 413 upgrades and 647 tower damage. I have some sparuses and gladiuses with similar stats. I also have a few DPS gladiuses if that's something you're looking for. I have some in the 70k range when fully upgraded and I'm pretty sure I have a few in the 80k range.

I have some genies with 300+ upgrades and positive hero damage. Great upgrade pets. I also have some propeller cats with good boost intensity (>200) if that's your thing.

I can offer some supreme accessories (Santa Hats and Beards) that can go above 400 in one stat when fully upgraded. I don't have any (good) bracers that I can offer, unfortunately.

As far as cubes ad coal go, I currently have 6 cubes and 60-something coal that I can pitch in if all else fails. 

Oh, I should probably mention that I don't care much for traceability. If you can trace it, awesome! But if you can't, too bad, I'll take the risk. I don't play much and I'm mostly buying those 'cause I want to have them. I had all the event items on the PS3 and loved them but GameSpy got shut down unfortunately.

Thanks for reading through!

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can you upload a screenshot of the ult++ clava please? sounds interesting

I have a magicite for sale

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