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haku # Mr. Awesome

A TeamSpeak server for better TeamPlay and Communication !

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Hello there people , I've decided to make a teamspeak 3 server in hopes it will be easyer to find people to play with , communicate and "Raid" , level up , farm , or just to chill and be social.
The server has 250 slots atm it should be enough for now , if not i can max it up to 512.
TeamSpeak adress:  ts.unstablegaming.com
i've made some channels there to help things keep easy.
In case you need a private channel with password you can pm me there and I will do it ( Name haku in ts )
In case I am not online you can create a temporary passworded channel untill I'll be back to create ur channel.

Why ? Because I love the game and communication is pretty important in any game and it might gather people for interesting Team Plays.
I hope I'm not forgetting something.. In case I did , reply here

Some rules..

1. Please behave and respect other players channels.
2. Please don't bother or troll people in channels. You will get banned.
More to come soon...

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Already added it to the steam ID collection post with creds to u haku for settin it up

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Worked things out and i've moved the dns into Kraith88's TeamSpeak3 server , the new adress for it is:


You can go there and do the same , Try find people to play with or play with friends and communicate ! Thanks for the support !

I will be there.

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