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how do i change my IGN?

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my friend purchased the game and played.

However, his steam account was in chinese when he play.

Now, his name is appear as some funny char in game and changing steam profile name does not update the IGN.

He would like to know how can he change the IGN.


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IGN-> In game name? 
If so your answer is in the FAQ thread :) 

Q: How can I change my in-game name? I've changed the Steam Display name but it didn't change.

A: In Dungeon Defenders 2, the name it's not simply a display name it's an account name, so if you have a steam name that already exists a new name will be Created (strange letters are also not supported). To Change your name please contact support with your steam account information and the name you'd like to have. Keep in mind that it is your account name, so choose one you won't change.

The support's contact is also in that thread    support[[63962,users]].com

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