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My solution to spending real money on DD2.

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Hey DD Community,

Since Trendy is looking for a way of receiving income when the game will be Free To Play, I have a few ideas.

Fashion Parts:

Instead of creating costumes, in which the costume is just 1 item. How about splitting the costume into different parts.

Have a look at the game FlyFF, they have 4 item slots in which each of them represent one fashion part; hat, body, gloves & hat.
This way will make it more interesting for players, as it will add more customization to the characters. This system should also include a "Show/Hide" function. If one part is on "hide" the default part should be shown.


The unfair part of this is that the players that don't spend money on the game will have the default look.

If the cosmetic equipment becomes trade-able, this game may turn into Pay To Win.


I would recommend creating perhaps a new currency in-game called "crystals", which can either be earned slowly in-game from slaying bosses or buying them for real life money. This way it won't become too unfair for the players that don't have money to spend.

These Crystals can be spent on customizing your character's / Towers appearance or making modifications to the tavern from Trendy's shop.

Ex. Color Cloth (Changes the color of an equipment item)

Thanks, Wage

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Another thread like this? what..?

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