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[WTA]Ult + Sup Armor

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Mostly tower with a dps piece or two thrown in. Fall fashion time;)

I reserve the right to a reserve.
Sly, last minute counter-bids will extend timer 24 hours.
Please keep the bid increments reasonable.

Auction will end in 5 days on Friday, October 17th @ 12:00 am (GMT-5)
Armor Pieces





U5-U7 are posted for my friend Imreacted.




Current Offers
U1 5 cubes shhquiet
U+2 1 cube arcama
U3 5 cubes tora
S1 3 cubes tora
U4 2 cubes niklas
U5 13 cubes shhquiet
U6 2 cubes hellfire
U7 1 cube arcama

Accepted Currencies
Coal 6:1
Cubes(not more than 100)
Lab Runs 10:2 (no more than 50 per bid)
Traced Events to Person's List
Diamonds at 5/10/15

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