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Large list of suggestions, be warned! [WIP]

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Little overview of myself, I got a alpha key during the PC give-away and played a little then left it. Didn't want to burn myself out in such an early version of DD2. However I came back to DD2 yesterday, spent a fair few hours playing and level'd a few characters. I don't own DD:Eternity and I have over 500 of hours on DD1. I love defensive games, I spent so many hours in my school years playing Warcraft 3 custom maps rather than doing homework, so hopefully I can have some positive suggestions.

Firstly I'm sorry if some of these have already been suggested before, I know a lot of them will have already been suggested but I just wanted to make a list of what I'd like to suggest rather than bouncing between multiple different threads.


  • I'd like to see armour brought back in the same way as DD1
  • Armour sets (Cloth, Leather, Chain, Plate)
  • Set bonuses, this gives some itemization progression, more variation.
  • The armour not be visual though, this would take away from the possibility of making money from skins
  • Weapons stay the same, they're really nice at the minute with their own skins. +1

Weapon Attachments
  • A item slot which can slightly edit a weapon
  • Change the type of projectiles(Which could be worked into small combos with towers) Such as Ice/Fire/Electric/Water/Etc...
  • Change amount of projectiles or their spread

  • Keep them as they are, use them as additions to the armour sets.
  • Lower the stats, make them additions but not the main source of stats
  • Lower the drop rate, make them rare additions, something to be proud of when you have a good one.
  • Something to work towards in the end game

  • It would be nice to see them back, like DD1
  • Masks, Bracelets, Hats, Backpack
  • Make these purely aesthetic, no stats.
  • These could be the Free2play version of skins to allow for all players to slightly customize their characters.
  • Rare drop rates, another set of items to be proud of
    [* ]Something to collect/trade at end game.

  • Same as DD1 basically.
  • Pets having different types of attacks, different colours and looks
  • Having their own stats like items.
  • Some kind of breeding system would be cool to obtain more rarer pets
  • The pets should level up themselves through being used and gaining experience, rather than being upgraded they could grow, evolve and get better as they gain experience. This would make the pets actually feel more like pets/animals than a item

HUD and UI

On screen build menu
  • Exactly like DD1. Press 'X' button to open build menu. 1,2,3,4 to build select turrets
  • The reason behind this is buttons 5+ plus as hard to quickly to jump to and inefficient to press without miss-press or checking the key.
  • Plus the on screen wheel from DD1 was very pretty and very user friendly.

On screen call out menu
  • Same concept as the build menu, Press 'X' button to open the call-out menu
  • Same buttons for call outs as it currently is but being told in the centre of the screen, not the left side.

On screen indication of health
  • Some kind of red glow overlay on screen as your health lowers, I find I suddenly die because I didn't notice the amount of damage I've taken
  • A on screen display of the healing process, a green glow overlay.

  • The current inventory system isn't user-friendly. I found it quite frustrating to use, especially working out what's new and what is what.
  • A folder system like DD1 was so user-friendly, as efficient as the user wants it to be. The system was perfect and worked perfect. Should be made like that again.
  • Options to Auto Sort/ Only see certain quality items/ Auto sell of certain quality would be very useful.

I'd like to say that the monetization suggestions are merely things I'd be willing to pay for, as I don't have a large expendable budget I normally think more than twice before spending money on games , so I'm not someone who buys anything and everything.

  • I know Costumes are already planned so I'm just going suggest additions to this.
  • It would be nice if costume purchases contain multiple items (Head, Body, Legs, Gloves, Boots, Extra)
  • However they items being able to mixed and matched would be amazing and further allow for customization for the user
  • Hopefully the ability to change the colour of the costume items to even further customization.

Inventory space
  • Same as Costumes I already know this is planned though the purchase of bags
  • However If a bank/folder system was implemented like DD1 the possibility to buy more space
  • 10/20/50/100 slots extra

Art work and icons
  • Different style of Art-work and icons for each costume. I separated this from the costume idea because if you bulk them together the price would go up (obviously). This is mainly cause I'd spend a little multiple times than spend a lot once.
  • A icon and a artwork to go with every costume. These would be displayed in the hero deck, end game screen and in-game
  • I know this is strange but it was one thing that always bugged me in DD1. You'd have the original artwork even if your character was completely different looking.

I'll continue this soon. Feel free to comment but this will be edited later today

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I approve of this message.

Would love to see relics only have the text stats. (10% more dmg on fireball tower, increased movement speed, etc) And armor(invisible) for main stats.
And with a RARE drop chance of relics, it would be a fun item to tweak your builds with.

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On screen call out menu

Ive seen this system used in many other games. It looks confusing at first with so many combinations to learn. But you will very soon get the hang of it, and dont even need to look at the menu anymore. I mean, 2 hours with this system and i already know the most usefull ones by head.
Once you get the hang of the combination, and the logic behind them it will be more annoying then beneficial having the list in the center of your screen.

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Yeah, armor sets were really hard to acquire and the bonus sometimes wasn't enough to make up for a couple of sub-optimal pieces.

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Yeah, armor sets were really hard to acquire

I'd rather play for hard to acquire things, then having the best of the best too soon.

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