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My Inventory / Item Box suggestions.

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Tried searching and couldn't see this anywhere, sorry if it's a repost but here goes!
(forewarning, this actually turned into a full post just about my inventory suggestions, it was originally just "Auto Sort / Filter / Storage into Folders", so if I have said anything in here that is already suggested (That I couldn't find), please link me there so I can upvoted it with my support!)

I like to make folders for most things, Squire/Barb weapons, Monk weapons, Huntress/SEV weapons, Apprentice weapons, pets (Sometimes sub-folders for animus, or pixie etc), armor (Sub folders for quality and/or for specific slots), etc. You get the idea!

My suggestions:
1. Allow some sorts of auto-sort function, so when you pick up a pet it goes into the pets folder, armor into the armor etc.
Not one that is TOO indepth, but one to let it get a little faster/easier.

2. Shift+click/button to turn on select multiple, for moving all pets into their folder. (Don't know if this is a thing, if it is I can't figure it out) (Don't know if this is even possible either)

3. A button to set it to toggle viewspace. ie. only show loot collected this session, only show loot collected in previous map. stuff like that, instead of scrolling down and figuring it out (Which I used to have everything in folders so everything unsorted is new!)

4. Changes to bag view. ie. Like Windows Explorer for example, "Change your view" to Extra large icons, small icons, list/detail view (I personally would love to see it in the list/detail view).
I also think a "detail" view would allow for much easier sorting options, if it truely ends up looking like explorer (So click on the Column top to sort by that section). Actually now that I think about this, wasn't that a thing on the web browser player stores?

PS. I am going to post this in the DDEternity section too, if you're a Eternity player that agrees with me, please show your support over there too!
PPS. Please comment replying to each suggestion if you don't fully agree on everything (Or anything, or have opinions on how it should be) so we can get a good overview of which ones we really want, and how we want it!

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Yeah, I'm not too much a fan of the bag system compared to the old folder system. (actually I really hate the new system tbh) If they do wish to keep the bag system though, the ideas you presented would definitely help, specifically:
Toggle options for each item type, or items picked up recently, or rarity
The auto sort (Let us assign bags for item types or rarities, and then all items picked up of that type should be automatically placed there)

It would also be nice to be able to see all my bags at once, not having to scroll through them.

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I really liked the old system, the ability to make folders to sort our own items. It would be nice to see that system back because it was so user-friendly and as efficient as the user wants to make it.

However I know DD2 plans to make extra-bags purchasable so instead of extra bags being purchasable, why not just make it more item-space being purchasable. so it would be win-win.

Anyways back to the current system. A few of my own suggestions to add to your original post.

#1: A button which allows you to auto sort by section. (Study/Staffs/Bows/Etc...)
#2: A button that lets you sell an entire section at once. (Study/Powerful/Etc...)
#3: A button which opens all the bags at once into one big inventory.

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3. A button to set it to toggle viewspace. ie. only show loot collected this session, only show loot collected in previous map. stuff like that, instead of scrolling down and figuring it out (Which I used to have everything in folders so everything unsorted is new!)


Each item that is picked up should have a border (or some visual) letting the player know what hasn't been looked at yet. This way when the player opens their bag after a few maps they can see everything they have picked up since the last time they cleaned out their bag.


When looking at collected items the two most important things to see are: your items, and what stats the selected item has. Why so little of the screen is devoted to the bags when they are open? Why not show me everything I own on one screen, or at least as much as can fit? After only a couple of maps I have so many items that look the same that it is a serious chore to navigate through them. Especially when asked to click bags and use a scroll bar. I'm not complaining about the drop rate or the icons, I think these are solid. But in consequence to these things you are asking the player to spend considerable time looking closely at their loot one by one; which is not enjoyable (and TBH, it stresses me out). I would take a step back and really evaluate what the user wants to do when they open their bags.

These are my use cases:

Show me my loot. When I open up my inventory, have all of my items on the screen. Just put as much of it on the screen as you can fit. This should take up the majority of the screen's real estate.

Item's stats. I should be able to see an item's stats. (this should be obvious but I am really going bare bones here)

Equipped items. The items I have equipped should be available to inspect. But this doesn't need to take up much space.

Find items. Allow me to filter levels of items so that I can see the Epic float above the Powerful and so on. This will allow me to do two things that are the majority of my time in my inventory. Find upgrades and sell off the crap (or organize the crap into a bag for gear leveling). I would also like to see a filter for type of item. this will allow me to organize gear that may be good for other characters. These two filters should be additive to make gear finding as painless as possible.

Organization. The ability to move items into 'sections'. These can be bags or folders or whatever. Just let me organize this steaming pile of items somehow. This is where I think the current bags are missing the point. They are suppose to be (I think) a way to organize our items and also a way for you to make money. I can't speak of the latter, but the former is not working right now. It is much more of a hinderance than a benefit to click the bags and use a scroll bar in such a small space (way way WAY too small). Please don't make bags all about making money and of no actual use to the player.

Selling or purging. This is very secondary to organization. If I am allowed to organize my items using an efficient interface then I won't mind moving to another interface to sell off items or item level with my useless gear. But it would be nice if I can do these things on the same interface. And speaking of the selling interface currently: The selection visual cue is terribly subtle. I'm guessing you are using a 'pressed' state, but this is far too subtle for me to feel confident that I am selling only the items that I want. Put a border on these items, or better yet a big money symbol over them. However you do it, up the visual cue please.

What I don't need in my inventory UI.

Character model. I don't need a view of my character. Yes I like looking at my character, but the trade off just isn't worth it. The space can be used much better.

Extra equipped item UI. Keep this barebones. Again the space that is needed to show the items in my inventory is too valuable to use up here.


When playing a map and replacing an item of which you have multiple equipped -there is no way of choosing which item is replaced. This makes me uncomfortable picking up an item on the fly without going back to the forge. This experience could also use some tweaking so that you feel more confident picking up awesome items in the field.

I apologize if this came off as a rant, but I hope this information will be of at least some help for future iterations of the inventory user experience.

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