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Give away at 500 views

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I will give away my Summoner Set at 500 views on this video NMHC Sky City - Survival - Propeller Cat Farm. Its already at 420 so hopefully it will be done soon :) If it is succesful in short time then I will do more give aways with all my other sets.

The Summoner Stats are: 3320 - 5064 - 2526 - 3320

Again if succesful I will give away 7 other sets. Booster Monk, Tower Monk, Tower Countess, Traptess, Tower EV, DPS Barb and DPS Jester.

All you have to do is post a reply in the video with your dungeon defenders account name then post here aswell so I can link you to it.

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499 I guess that counts.

1 crazyb1
2 Ram727
3 Zularis
4 shhquiet
5 Chomik_Mroku
6 starfox64_0
7 Pensrule1
8 WL-Sein
9 adydaking
10 Rock4lifedude3
11 TheBasketball4
12 adydaking

12 people yet we got over 50 views! I guess some clicked but dont want to enter :)


I used a random number generator between 1-12 and the winning number was 2. This means Ram727 won the Summoner Set.

1 week from now my work cyclus is done and i got a 5 day weekend. then I will host a massive give away giving away all my remaining sets. Ram727 please contact me in here please :)

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