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[WTA]Ult and Sup armor, 3cap tower myth

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Here are the rules of the auction:
It will last for 38 hours after this post.
You can only bid in cubes/coals.
Last minute offers won't be taken into consideration.

Items of interest I'd also accept:
Plate DPS piece (chest, hands or legs) - Must cap resistances at 41%, have positive hero health, AB2 and decent hero damage. - valued at 5 cubes
Perfect tower kobold - valued at 2 cubes


Armor 1: C/O - 1 cube(orlnub) B/O - 2 cubes

Armor 2: SOLD

Armor 3: C/O - 2 cubes(orlnub) B/O - 4 cubes

Armor 4: C/O - 3 cubes(orlnub) B/O - 4 cubes

Armor 5 - SOLD

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