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[WTA] Capping 4 Stat Ult++ Tower Glad

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I recently got a new glad from yg, so I don't need this one anymore. It's pretty nice and served me well for a long time. Accepting cubes/diamonds/events, values listed below. Auction will run until Wednesday at 8PM CST (though I will consider any decent B/O offers). I reserve the right to not sell if the bids don't meet my reserve.

C/O: 70 cubes (ezelking)
[COLOR="[[505,hashtags]]"]B/O: 80 cubes

Diamond Values:

Non Cap: 4 Cubes
Single Cap: 8 Cubes (Must cap on tower damage)
DPS Single Cap: 6 Cubes (Must cap on hero damage)
Double Cap: 15 Cubes (Must double on tower damage and rate/health)
DPS Double Cap: 12 Cubes (Must double on hero damage and hero health)[/COLOR]

Event Item Values (all must be clean and traceable):
[spoiler]Shield of Mirrors - 15 cubes
Captain Djinn's Hat - 30 cubes
Bling! Bling! Bracers - 30 cubes
Terra's Malachite Brooche - 25 cubes
Odin's Mask - 30 cubes
Minish Hat - 20 cubes
Power Gauntlets - 20 cubes
Pegasus Boots - 20 cubes
Magora's Mask - 35 cubes
Rock's Feather - 15 cubes
Carapace of the Queen - 25 cubes
Genie King's Prized Jewel - 25 cubes
Kraken's Good Eye - 25 cubes
Battle Cruiser's Debris Mask - 20 cubes
Old One's Stache - 30 cubes
Mana Master - 15 cubes
Boneyard Blade - 15 cubes
Vamp's Delight - 10 cubes
Howling Werewolf - 15 cubes
Staff of the Pumpkin King - 15 cubes
Greater Magicite of the Wind - 90 cubes
Admiral Djinn - 7 cubes
Glacier's Demise - 50 cubes
Aladdin's Wish - 45 cubes
Stieglitz - 80 cubes
Jason Vorhee's Mask - 15 cubes
Lava Dancer Mask - 15 cubes
Fearsome Trainer Mask - 15 cubes
Speed Freak Feather - 10 cubes
Groovy Mask - 10 cubes
aMAZEing Vision - 15 cubes
Dwarven Miner's Mask - 10 cubes
Lava cuffs - 10 cubes
Something Blue - 20 cubes
Dragon of the North - 35 cubes
Blu - 5 cubes
Vile Lord's Clutch - 7 cubes
Mask of RNG - 15 cubes
Amor - 40 cubes
Cursed Brownie - 10 cubes
Care Bear - 15 cubes
Rockshatter - 45 cubes
Celebration - 80 cubes
The Rain Maker - 80 cubes


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Kinda Offtopic, but just see it as a free bump :)
What kind of Glad would be better than this one o.o Pretty amazing Glad btw :)

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pancakez has a better one

Enviado do meu LG-E430 através de Tapatalk

"Forged by MacGoos Mum" still laughing.

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C/O updated... sorry I don't take ults since I'd just have to turn around and sell those as I don't build sets anymore

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