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[WTA] Several Event Items

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Hello Defenders!

I personally don't think I need more than one of any of these items. So I'm auctioning my extras.


Rockshatter C/O: 65 Cubes (ijohanne)

Minish Hat C/O: 30 Cubes (Pyrodroid) ~TRADE COMPLETE

Power Gauntlets C/O: 30 Cubes (Pyrodroid) ~TRADE COMPLETE

Pegasus Boots C/O: 30 Cubes (Pyrodroid) ~TRADE COMPLETE

Fearsome Trainer Mask C/O: 15 cubes (Pandarama)

Rock's Feather C/O: 20 cubes (Pandarama)

Something Blue C/O: 35 Cubes (Pandarama)

Cubes and other Event items accepted.
MY Values:
[SPOILER]Celebration: 100 cubes
Magicite: 90 cubes
Odin's Mask: 40 cubes***
Bling Bling Bracers: 40 cubes***
Norths: 35 cubes
Shield of Mirrors: 40
Amor: 40

(I can provide full traces to the items if you request)
Rockshatter= DDace
Minish-Power-Pegasus-Rock's= DDace
Fearsome= ygkyft
Something Blue= killingislife

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Oh, I'm so sad I hoped I would see a Captain Djinn's Hat in this auction ^^

Anyways 5 ■ on Fearsome Mask

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