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(linux/steam) input config

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so it happens I want to change key config for the linux client and since there is no executable to do it, I google around and they said there is some ini file that you can change (~/.local/share/DungeonDefenders/UDKGame/Config/MAC-UDKInput.ini). The problem is that the file wasn't there when I try to edit it.
No problem, I dig around and found ~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/Dungeon Defenders/UDKGame/Config/DefaultInput.ini which seems close enough for default input settings. and so I copied that as ~/.local/share/DungeonDefenders/UDKGame/Config/MAC-UDKInput.ini

Now editing those files can't change the keys I would like it to bound. Enlightenment would be appreciated.

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