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Another Ult++ Clava =] + trip capping myth chest

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This is a [WTA] I can't believe I forgot this.

Now that Creep's clava auction is over, I thought I'd put this up for auction. I'd use it myself but the negative cast rate would hinder my speedrun times =[

End date : Thursday, May 15th, 9 P.M. (CST)

[Spoiler]6 coal - cube
cube - cube
Rain Maker - 90 cubes (pahlease)
Halloween Items - 15 cubes
Jason Mask - 45 cubes
Lava Dancer - 20 cubes
Groovy - 15 cubes
Amazeing - 20 cubes
Dwarven Miner - 20 cubes
Lava Cuffs - 10 cubes
Something Blue - 20 cubes
Dragon of the North - 50 cubes
Rockshatter - 60 cubes
Aladdins Wish - 50 cubes
Magicite - 90 cubes


Non-cap - 4 cubes
Single - 8 cubes
Double - 15 cubes
Triple - 30 cubes[/Spoiler]

Caps at 999 tower damage, and hits roughly 690 tower health.

C/O : 40 Cubicals (Death)
B/O : Rainmaker


No idea on the prices of myths so bid away on this nice piece. (Reaches 303 range)

C/O : 10 cubes (NYJ)
B/O : 69 coals


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Awesome, any idea when you're looking to end the auction?

Forgot that too, lol. It's ending Thursday night, 9 P.M. (CST).

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