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Would love to play with some legits

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Been ages but would love to be able to play with legit players as open rooms are essentially worthless now. I know the servers will be shut down in about 3 weeks so I thought I'd try to get my DD fix in while I have the chance.

I only have the Mistymire DLC as I see no point in purchasing the rest at this point (sorry no Morrago, Aquanos or Sky City). I have my platinum so I really don't need to finish anything. Just wanted to enjoy the company of fellow legitimate DD players.

My characters are:

lvl 80 Huntress (dps)
lvl 75 Squire (Tower)
lvl 75 Apprentice (dps)
lvl 73 Monk (Tower)

My equipment is roughly 1 year old so super crappy by your standards I'm sure.

No need to friend me on the PSN if you don't want to. Just send me a DD invite if you want company from a legit player to fill a spot. I play late (9:00 - Midnight CST) I have a mic.

My psn - Vu_Prime

Thanks fellow players.

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I'm down. PSN same as screen name. Not playing as much as I once did but willing to go on a few runs with you. Mics down but otherwise I'm good to go.

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