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WTA 4 x HQ BIG Glads 71k-74k

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Hey dd'ers

Have had these sitting in my item box for months now, just thought id throw them up for auction to see if i get any interest.
I farmed them all from akatiti.
The size of them are all big. (just thought id add that info as some people will wounder)
if bids to low i wont sell.

Glad 1

Glad 2

Glad 3

Glad 4


Glad 1:
Glad 2: SOLD
Glad 3:
Glad 4:


Glad 1 : 3 cubes
Glad 2 : 5 cubes
Glad 3: 5 cubes
Glad 4: 5 cubes

Good luck dd'ing
auction ending monday 7th

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