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[WTA] Ult, Ult+, Ult++ Twr Wpns

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Hello All!

Finally got around to making another auction! This time there are 5 nice tower weapons up for auction.

Accepting cubes, coals, and maybe event items on a case by case basis. PM or leave a message and I will get back to you. There are reserves in place for these items. Please keep bidding increments reasonable.

Pawn Twr Stats: 58x/-131/49x/5xx

**G1 - 6cubes MrMacGoo | b/o: 12cubes
C1 - 3coals MrMacGoo | b/o: 4cubes
C2 - 2cubes lapumette | b/o: 10cubes
**S1 - 2cubes MrJTMoney99 | b/o: 3cubes
P1 - 2cubes Riona | b/o: 8cubes

Edit: ** = Reserved Met - Closing 03/31 when I'm able to get online after work

Thanks for looking :)

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Forgot to bump! Will be finishing items that have met tomorrow or later tonight if I can find time and there's no more interest :)

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