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Problems with receiving Crystalline Dimension rewards?

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Hello, all!

So, I've been having problems with getting my rewards from the Crystalline Dimension stage. I've beaten it four times so far, three by myself and once online, and twice I've had problems.

First, I managed to score a spot in an online NMHC game, and I used my Huntress. Once the level was over, something went wrong and the game froze as soon as the ending cinematic was over- when I hard-restarted the game, I had both costumes (Legendary Huntress and Super Legendary Huntress) but no weapon or armor rewards. Like, none at all. That bothered me, but whatever.

Second, I decided to solo the level on Easy (I've done it three times so far- first Apprentice, then Monk, the last time was Squire, and that's when I had a problem). I beat the level as a Jester, but with a second controller plugged into my PC, so I could have my Squire present to unlock the Legendary Squire costume. Once the level ended, I had all of the proper rewards (including the Squire weapon), but no Legendary Squire costume.

What gives? I'm assuming there's nothing I can do to get these rewards other than beating the level again, but is this the symptom of a common bug? I'd hate to spend an hour beating the level again (or, heaven forbid, go through the ordeal that is CDNMHC online) only to not get my proper rewards again, especially if there was something that could have been avoided.

Please help!

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For the freezing try following
1: Open your steam library
2: Right click Dungeon Defenders (http://i.imgur.com/UyPCa.jpg)
3: Click properties (http://i.imgur.com/JvLz2.jpg)
4: Click local files (http://i.imgur.com/TO5wC.png)
5: Click verify integrity of game cache (http://i.imgur.com/IZDGD.png)

For your skin issue you have to know that only the first player will be rewarded for beating Old One. Any plugged controller heroes will earn nothing :) It is intended and not a glitch :)

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