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Strange question: Hardest difficulty on Console?

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So, I bought DD for the PS3 back at launch, and had a blast with it. I plat'd it fairly quickly (around the time the Eternia Shards DLC came out) and then stopped playing. I have since picked up the Steam version, and have been having a blast playing it. However, a couple days ago, I booted up the ol' PS3 version.

It was... disturbing to say the least, seeing the vast difference between the two. But one thing especially bothered me.

If I could ask a strange question, what is the highest difficulty on the PS3? Insane, right?

I feel like this is a strangest question, because of course I know the consoles (or at least PS3, don't know anything about Xbox) didn't get Nightmare mode. But I could have sworn, back when the Eternia Shards DLC came out, I loaded up the game once (to check out the increased level cap, which I think was up to 74) and there was another mode, Insane+, which I feel like I had read about (it wasn't nearly as hard as Nightmare, but still harder than Insane). Yet, on my PS3 right now, there is no Insane+.

Did I imagine this? Was I dreaming? Or did they give an Insane+ mode and then take it away?

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There is insane+ but is not displayed. You need to press R1 again once you have insane selected. Once on insane+ pressing L1 to go back will chance to hard+, medium+ or easy+. The + basically makes it slightly harder and on easy, med and hard the crystal will not be healed between rounds like it does on insane.

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