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WTS: NM HC Lab Runs

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Making a new post since I am copying Ernie's queue idea - since I was finding it impossible to keep up with all the people requesting. I will take the first name in the queue if they are available, if not will move to second person. All payments will be made prior to starting the runs, if you need references for me upholding this deal I can surely provide some.

1 Cube / 6 Coal = 10 Runs with 4 afk chars
For larger orders it will be one extra coal per 10 addition runs, i.e. 20 runs 2 cubes 1 coal, 50 runs 5 cubes 4 coal etc.

I am able to keep up with about 100 a day and remain sane it seems, so will be working thru these.

Limiting people to 50 runs each until I catch up.
Crispybucket 50 /50
Mr Finland 50 / 50
Doubi 40/40
Acen 50/50
Mkjo 50/50
Simian 50/50
Skizo 50/50

Current queue:
Yizzle 0/50
Wat 0/50
Legendarius 0/10
Fruityking 0/50
Hydrox 0/50
legit360 0/50
OMM 0/50

Up to date as of 7:38 am EST 2/17. Sending requests as I get to the next people, sorry for any delay.

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Gonna go ahead and stop this for the time, will try and wade thru what is already in over the weekend.

Didn't see this when I put my request. My apologies.

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