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The Disiple

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the disciple-the last devout follower of the lava gods

having spent the past 10 years in the heart of the volcano communing with the lava gods, following his vision in the mines of glitterhelm,with the shards now broken he has finally set out to help the legendary defenders stop the old ones.

tank/ support role with support/crowd clearing towers
he fights with his fists, his weapons would be differant stones that would affect how is ranged attacks acted. some could cause piercing some explosions some an atack speed boost,etc
ability 1 aoe dot around body based on level, drains mana faster the longer its active like overcharge

ability 2 all attacks become ranged attacks for 30 seconds, 1 min cooldown

ability 3 stone skin the disciple gains double damage resistance but has his movement speed halved, his casting also cant be interupted untill the effect runs out. drains mana faster the longer its active like overcharge

tower 1 : small volcano that spews ash, anything hit by this tower is blinded for a few seconds then immune for twice as long. blinded enemy atacks miss(kobalds being an exception since there attacks aren't really aimed)

tower 2:
a volcanic ridge that acts as a wall, immune to fire damage.

tower 3
a volcano that
spews a line of slowing lava down enemy paths for the enemy to walk threw

tower 4
a large volcano that launches balls of molten rock that deal slight physical damage and moderate splash fire damage on impact
not dissimilar to a fireball turret except slower firing and slightly more damage.

i know i'm to late but i've i missread the deadline. was hopeing this way someone would atleast see it, also everyone else that missed the deadline post here, its fun seeing what people think up

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I could see his weapons either being gloves with different materials ie. some have spikes and others are solid rock. Spikes can be poison tipped whereas the rock gloves would do more physical damage. Maybe it could just be some kind of modified, that-hero-only armor that would be juiced up due to the fact that he wouldn't get the stats from the weapon.

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