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DDFreeRunsByRequest - Group Logo Design Contest

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We would like to announce our group logo design contest, as our group and our very own site, http://ddfrbr.com, needs a logo. We will base the design of the site on the logo, to make it pretty and pleasing to the eye. The winner will receive a hefty amount of reward.

- max size 300px by 200px
- must contain the text 'DDFreeRunsByRequest' in a distinguishable manner so that anybody can easily tell what the text says
- must be accompanied by a small repeatable section for background of the site
- must not contain any fonts not freely available
- must not contain any copyrighted material

All players, whether a group member or not, are welcome to participate!

Please post your logo design below. And please leave a comment in our group announcement as well.

Deadline for submissions is one week from now.

[COLOR="[[1196,hashtags]]"]The winner will be decided via poll. Please vote here. Note that you can only vote once. Poll will be up as soon as the submissions deadline has passed.[/COLOR]

[SIZE=5]The contest is now officially over - theBambooBear is the winner!!! Congratulations!

Never heard of our group, and you would like to learn more about us? Kindly visit this thread.[/SIZE]

Join our Steam group - DDFreeRunsByRequest


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