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Giveaway #2 - Create your own hero

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Hello Defenders!

It's time to announce our second Defense Council giveaway! We've brought all four of our original heroes back for Dungeon Defenders II, but now we're working toward additional heroes that will be just as memorable and fun to play.

That's where you come in! Design an awesome hero and you could win a seat on the Defense Council!

Design a Hero and Win a Council Seat

To qualify, you must create a post in this thread that follows all 5 of these steps:

1. Name Your Hero
Remember to keep it in theme! All heroes are named after what they are in the world of Etheria--the Squire, the Huntress, etc.

2. Decide Your Hero's Role
All heroes should be versatile, but some are better at taking damage, some are better at support, etc. What role does your hero fill on a 4-person team?

3. Give Your Hero 4 Defense and 3 Abilities
Defenses can be anything that the hero places in a lane to help fulfill their role. Abilities are used by the hero during the Combat Phase. Remember your defenses and abilities can interact with one another--in fact, we encourage it!

4. Give Your Hero a Weapon Type
What weapons can your hero use? We'll leave this one completely up to your imagination.

5. Give Your Hero a Short Backstory
Dungeon Defenders II begins after nearly all of the Eternia Crystals have shattered. How does your hero fit into this new Etheria? How did they earn their place as a hero, and what motivates them to fight?

You have until Saturday, November 16th at 5PM EST to create and perfect your hero. After the cutoff I'll review your heroes with our Creative Directors and we'll choose the most creative entry that meets all 5 requirements.

The winner will be chosen on November 18th at 2PM EST and will be given a seat on the Defense Council! If you already have a seat on the Council, we still want to hear from you, but in the interest of fairness your post will not be considered for the giveaway.

Good luck, and as that one lady in this obscure little movie I saw last night said: "May the odds be ever in your favor!"

Update #1: Thanks for all the entries! We got so many entries, it's going to take us some extra time to go through them all! We'll now be announcing the winners tomorrow at 2pm EST.

Update #2: Congrats to our winner Damocles! Check your inbox to get your Defense Council seat!

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Hi guys, I have a great idea for something new and fresh but also interesting.
I have taken a large amount of inspiration from the Siren classes in the Borderlands franchise.

1- Hero Name: Caede (Latin for murder) AKA. The Siren.

2- Caede plays the ranged support role but is still capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to a single target, She can single out a target using her abilities and make it completely vulnerable to attack. She can't take a lot of hits so its best to take a step back before fighting enemies, however her attacks have limited range so she cannot safely pick of enemies one-by-one. This adds an element of challenge and makes her more fun and interesting to play.
In a team Caede will support other players by slowing enemies and making them more vulnerable to attack this will be vital for dealing with those pesky ogres and bosses. She is very ability based.

Defenses: [All of these can take on different elemental effects if Caedes 'Inner element' ability is used on them. This not only changes their element but it also changes their appearance]

[1]- A large metal cube that pulses with a purple aura that slightly damages all enemies that attack it. Similar to the spike blockade.

[2]- A set of three small pillars that seek out near-by targets and fires a medium ranged purple lazer beam that will more damage the more it has dealt. The lazer can also be upgraded to have this 'Slag' effect ( Similar to the one in Borderlands 2). This makes enemies more vulnerable to damage to other sources.

[3]- A spinning metal ball that is precariously placed on top of a metal spire. This tower will buff all other tower in a near-by area. When upgraded this thing could even buff near-by players. If Caede uses her 'Inner element' ability on this tower it will give all near-by towers (and players if its upgraded) the elemental damage she chose, if the tower that its buffing already has an elemental effect this will stack to add another element to it. Just imagine the endless possibility for crazy combos!

[4]- A long cannon like tower that very slowly fires large purple auras that pull-in and damage all enemies near-by. This can be upgraded to have various different elemental effects by using her abilities.


[1]- 'Inner element'. This ability will allow Caede to customize her towers to suit her needs. Simply cast this onto a near-by tower and then chose which element to use and then after a short wait (In combat phase) the tower will gain that elemental power. This will have different effects on different towers. [Low mana cost]

[2]- 'Phase Phoenix'. This ability will allow Caede to move at extremely fast speeds being able to walk through towers and to not be seen by enemies. While in this mode all enemies she runs past gets set on fire and takes a small amount of burn damage. When she leaves 'Phase Phoenix' the area around will explode in a mosh-pit of all the elements, this will deal a large amount of damage. [Mana will slowly drain while she is in this mode]

[3]- 'Aura Grip' This allows Caede to grab hold of and suspend any enemy into the air for a short period of time, while 'Gripped' enemies take far more damage and are vulnerable to attack. When the enemy is released it will be thrown to the ground, take damage, slowed and set on fire for a few seconds. While she has an enemy in her grip, her whole team regenerates health. This ability has a second function. If Caede is in your team, instead of dying you go into a downed state where you cannot do anything but slowly crawl. While a player is downed Caede can use her 'Aura Grip' to revive teammates and get them straight back into the fight (Even in hardcore!). I would expect to see this revive ability used with 'Phase Phoenix' for some amazing clutch revives. [Medium mana cost]

4- Caede is her own weapon. Okay, but seriously, this is kinda true. Her weapon is her hands, she fires various lazers, auras and other things from her hands. It's hard to explain but its kind of like the Vigor system from Bioshock Infinite. But instead of using drinks to give her power she uses enchanted ethereal meteor's. Yeah, I know, weird but it just kinda works...
These meteors come in a huge variety each giving a unique experience. They can use all of the standard Mage styles but they also can have lazer beams, pules auras that bounce around or effects similar to a 'Fus Roh Dah'.
(Take a look at one of my other forum posts for more ideas and examples [http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?109063-Ranged-Combat-First-Council-Seat-Giveaway&p=951130&viewfull=1[[4185,hashtags]]])
If you like this idea just ask me for more detail, I will explain all!

5- Caede has no memory's of her childhood but she knows that once she roamed the wilderness in-search of a worthy cause to fight for, during her journey she fought many worthy foes and encountered her fair share of goblins and ogres. But one day she came to a clearing where she saw an army of goblins ect. beginning to raid the castle from the first game. She stayed undercover and observed the young warriors fight off the great evil. She was amazed by their talent so she began to hone her skills so she could be great enough to fight along-side them. This is why she complements the other classes so well. She stalked these 'Great warriors' until the events at the start of the first game where while the heroes were fighting the Monk got struck down by a giant boss so she swooped in to save his life, and since that day they have been fighting side-by-side. This is also why the Monk and Caede get on so well. Caede fights because it is all she knows how to do. She sees the heroes as her family because she doesn't even know if she has a family...

Whelp, that took too long to write. I hope I get into the council!
Thanks for reading,

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1- The Engineer

2- Attack turret mechanic and turret support

3- Defense 1 - Sentry Gun: Medium range machine gun turret. High rate of fire, low damage. The rate of fire is really what sells this turret. Can attack flying enemies. Physical damage.

Defense 2 - Missile Battery: Long range missile launcher. Very high damage, slow fire rate. This is all about killing power. Has a laser targeting system for improve accuracy. Can attack flying enemies. Physical damage with fire splash damage on impact.

Defense 3 - Claymore: Area affect land mine. High damage, moderate reset. Works well at clearing large amounts of weaker enemies, though its damage against beefier ones is nothing to scoff at. Only effective on ground units. Physical damage.

Defense 4 - Nerve Gas Launcher: Canister launcher, short range. Deploys a nerve agent to paralyze enemy advances. Enemies caught within are slowed to a crawl and physically weakened by the debilitating vapors. Poison damage.

Ability 1 - Circuitry Overclocking: A duration based buff that allows the Engineer to boost rate of fire and damage of one turret. Ramping cost.

Ability 2 - Greased Lightning: Duration based buff that allows the Engineer to modify a tower so that all projectiles fired from selected turret to pierce through multiple enemies. If used with towers that already do this, The damage and piercing distance are amplified.

Ability 3 - Quick Fix: An instant repair ability. Cost for this ability is a multiplied value of the normal repair cost. When resources are abundant, this is a preferred ability.

4- Uses gun weapons. The class passively has 3 attack modes that modify the performance of the equipped weapon: Normal, Overcharge, and Recoil Assistance. Overcharge increases the damage of the weapon's base attack by 30%, but increases the re-fire rate by 50%. Recoil Assistance does the opposite, decreasing the re-fire rate by 30% and damage by 50%.

5- The Engineer has always had a knack for mechanical systems, and spent most of their time disassembling and reconfiguring various toys and bits of machinery. These hobbies game them the uncanny ability to increase the efficiency of various machines and objects throughout their home.

The plight of the four young heroes was majority unnoticed by the world outside the castle, but when the Old Ones came knocking, citizens near and far felt the danger. The Engineer knew they had a gift of mechanical aptitude, and set out to aid the young heroes however they could.

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1. Name Your Hero
The Murdock

2. Decide Your Hero's Role
I'd like to think Murdock would have high damage per second, aswell as high defence against attacks. so > DPS/TANK

3. Give Your Hero 4 Defense and 3 Abilities
Defence Curl > Boosts Defence for a short period.
Armour Splash > Huge Mana Explosion Around Hero.
Combat Throw > Throw's weapon to ingaging monster.
Symick Toss > Throw all closest monsters away from you.
EnergyBall > Throws a mana ball in the direction you are looking
RisingStar > Increases all near by towers defence for a period of time
SmiteRage > Increases all players in the games defence

4. Give Your Hero a Weapon Type
Daggers / Short Swords

5. Give Your Hero a Short Backstory
Murdock used to shadow the old warriors hiding behind there lines of sight, keeping at a distance, untill he came looking for the 4 young warriors he had a chance to prove his wealth against a horde of zerklings, once proved the murdock was part of the elite 4 :)

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the Protector

a mobile wall, he can soak up tons of damage, and hes a bit taller and wider than his comrades. you know, so more people can hide behind him. his defenses and abilities either deal heavy damage, or withstand even heavier damage.

his defenses are the Steel Blockade, which are heavy enough to withstand even a mighty Sharkens push. the EarthQuaker, which rattles the ground beneath the enemies feet, dealing heavy damage to all ground enemies in the area around the tower with an absurdly slow recharge rate. his only defense from the aerial nightmares is the Stilted Blockade, a relatively weak blockade on stilts. ground units can walk right under it, aerial units are confusingly attracted to it, choosing to hit it instead of the defenses or objectives behind it. careful though, ive heard these blockades have trouble standing up during an earthquake! his fourth defense is the Hurricane Fan. whips up powerful bursts of wind strong enough to slow orcs down, and blow the little goblins away. theyll need to find a way around it, or get something big to shield them from this miraculous wind that goes right through the Steel Blockade.

the Protector is a great guy to have on the front lines. his weapon of choice is a shield the size of his allies. some with spikes, some with blades, some bare. all of them built to last. his Push skill can give the enemy a taste of their own medicine, charging at them and pushing them back, dealing small damage every step, and larger damage if he crushes them against a wall or Steel Blockade. his second skill, Let Me Help You, can be cast on an ally or himself, granting a shield that stops the next attack completely. it could be wasted by a little goblin, or it could save your life by making that Kobold explode for nothing. his final ability, Share Your Pain, can be cast to shield all living allies, making the Protector absorb half the damage they would take, no matter how far apart they are, and cuts the damage he receives himself in half. it lasts as long as he has enough mana to keep it running, much like Blood Rage or Overcharge. but be careful, the damage coming in might be a bit more than you asked for!

the Eternia Crystals have shattered, and chaos runs rampant all over Etheria. some villages are overrun by goblins and orcs. some manage to fend off the smaller onslaughts, but very few stay safe for long. a very small village, deep in the MistyMire Forests, hidden from the Old Ones minions in the mist and trees, is one safe haven. all the residents had been forced out of their homes, and got lost in the woods. they had come from different parts of Etheria, none of them knew each other, but they became fast friends, almost family. they were quiet as mice in these dense woods, not a soul knew they were there. all was peaceful in these woods, though it was chaos outside them. the village lived peacefully, for months, when one day, the Old Ones found them! no one had been ready for this, they thought they were safe! when suddenly, one of the younger men lifted a giant mushroom off the ground, and used it to keep something between the fiends and his neighbors, no, his family. the monsters didnt stop coming though, so he fought back, pushing them off, and hitting them with this giant mushroom, when something incredible happened. the monsters ran. the spores in the mushroom had been poisonous to the monsters, but harmless to humans. his family thanked him for protecting them, and fending off the evil, when he saw smoke through the trees, in the direction the fiends came from. he looked at his family, and said he had to help. he ripped the circular roof of his little shed-home off, and dropped the mushroom. he ran through the woods to the smoke, to find the Huntress and Apprentice fighting off countless goblins. he leaped in beside them, and said he was there to help. when asked for his name, he smiled and said "call me the Protector."

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Priestess of Lux

1. Name Your Hero
priestess of lux

2. Decide Your Hero's Role
this one is an all-rounder, but with a bit more defense and lower attack, also being able to assist team mates.

3. Give Your Hero 4 Defense and 3 Abilities
this character is not supposed to play alone in a lane because it will get its buttocks kicked back to kingdom come
1- Ray of Light - Shoots a beam of light in a selected direction from the players, blinding enemys for 4 seconds and cutting movement by 25 procent.
2- Shattering of Lights - shooting shards of light at the enemy in a straight line from the player for 2 seconds, being able to take down over 15 procent of the enemys help on their own.
3- Downcoming of Heaven - a focused ray of light on a selected point on the map, stuns every player inside(friend or foe) dealing damage to all.
4- Familiar scream - spawns a familiar that screams in a straight line, stunning for 5 seconds and causing blindness for 3 seconds.

1- Heal of light - heals 25 procent of total health on herself and every teammate within the range.
2- Light Distortion - distorts light around the body of the player making her invisable until a skills is used. though, this first used skill will be 40 procent less effective.
3- Light Shield - creates shield in front of the player that blocks all projectile based attacks, shield remains for 6 seconds.

4. Give Your Hero a Weapon Type
The Priestess of lux uses her Staff of Lux made from the finest metals infused with light. this amazing weapon is made by the god of light, apollo, himself.

5. Give Your Hero a Short Backstory
lux was an underling for apollo. after the Eternia Crystals shattered, one piece ended up in the heavens and was found by Lux. after touching this unknown item she received powers that could match Appolo's. while speeding to Apollo to show him this amazing new item she discovered, her clothes started to be replaced by beautiful clothes made out of white light. After explaining to Apollo what happened, Apollo ordered Lux to descend down to Eternia to find out more about these crystals. Apollo bestowed upon her the title of Priestess so people from eternia would know she was to be respected as a messenger from a god. and thus was the beginning of the tale of the Priestess of Lux.

hope this is in the direction you were hoping for.
and sorry for the mishaps in english at some points, im from The Netherlands so english is not my 1st language.

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1. Holy Paladin

2. Tank and support (Damage dealer and booster)

3. 1st defense: Hammer Bros. Places a tower that has turtles throwing miniature models of the Paladin's hammer.

"Nope. Definitely not a reference to a game."

2nd defense: Nail Bomb. Place a bomb that goess off when an enemy comes in range. Spreads face tearing nails in all directions.

"While the Paladin might have a hammer for fighting, that doesn't mean he can't place a bomb made of nails, does it?"

3rd defense: Holy Hammer. Places the Paladin's hammer onto the ground and imbues it with holy water. Leaves the Paladin weaponless for 10 seconds.

"Shhhh! Don't tell the priest i took this! *Shows Holy Water*"

4th defense: Call the mighty army of light, that...... are the heroes of Etheria.... made of clay. That about sums it up.

Summons 4 heroes that have different weapons each

(Mage: Every 10 seconds casts a small mana bomb)

(Hunter: Constantly fires spreadfire arrows from a repeater)

(Knight: Throws boxers with hearts at your enemies, blinding them) (Just kidding! Slashes enemies that pass by in a quick manner)

(Monk: Every 20 seconds, the monk concentrates his Chi and boosts your, and your friends speed by 25% (lasts for a minute) (Effect doesn't stack multiple times)

1st ability: Holy light.

A ray of light descends from the sky and blesses nearby friends with more damage (10%). Lasts for a minute. Stacks 2 times.

2nd ability: Purify evil.

Spray the same Holy Water you stole earlier upon your enemies. Makes them more susceptible to damage. lasts 20 seconds. Duration or effect won't stack

3rd ability: Reaper of light.

Calls a good version of the Reaper to give back souls and punish those who seek to do bad to you.
The Reaper heals 10% of any allies HP if the ally comes close. Hits enemies that come close.

4. As you might have already guessed, the Paladin uses a Holy Hammer.

5. The Paladin was a man called Erik, who was living his dream. He had a job that got him enough money to sustain his loving family, that included her wife Martha, and a son called Timothy.
One day a tragedy happened, the man was returning from work in the corn fields. When he got back to his town he saw the grand crystal smashed and the evil inside released.He came closer only to witness the buildings that were on fire,the people that were on fire and......
his family's corpses, that were lying on the street, burning.... turning to ashes.
Erik has trained years in order to avenge the tragedy that happened to his town, his friends, his family and his perfect life and finally, he has become a Paladin.

Hopefully my character will get into the game! Good luck to everyone else!

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Start Life: 120

The Desperada is a ranged fighter, who can hold 2 weapon from the hunter and huntress, but can't hold flamethrower or grenade launcher. She is like the Barbarian without tower but with Abilities who increases her damage.
The Desparada is a female in western style with a red scarf around her head which mask her mouth and looks like a western Desperado.


Barrage of Fire:

Mana Cost: 50
Cool Down: 5 sec
Unlock level: 10
Description: In a targeted location she deals damage over time.
Animation: The Desperada shoots sometimes in the air and in that random location a Bulletrain starts, which deals the damage (Look also League of Legends Miss Fortune:Make-it-Rain).

Perfect Aim:

Mana Cost: 30 per second
Cool Down: 5 sec
Unlock level: 25
Description: She shoots very much slowlier, but the bullets are faster and have more range. This is a stance and can be activated and deactivated.

Time to hit:

Mana Cost: 200
Cool Down: 15 sec
Unlock level: 25
Description: In a cone she shoots many bullets and dealing much damage to the enemies.
Animation: In a cone she shoots many bullets.

Etherian munition

Mana Cost: 200
Cool Down: 5
Unlock level: 45
Description: Desperadas shoots two piercing eagles which dealing massive damage.



Mana Cost: 20
Cool Down: 5 sec
Unlock level: 15
Description: The Desperada make a quick jump forward, backward or to the sites. After that jump Quick Draw is activated automatically.


Mana Cost: 20 per second
Cool Down: 2
Unlock level: 20
Description: With every jump Desperada shoot at the bottom to make her jump higher and damaging enemies under her. While flying she cannot attack. This move will also steal munition. After a jump she can float for 2 seconds. This is a stance and can be activated and deactivated.


Mana Cost: 50
Cool Down: 7
Unlock level: 35
Description: Desperada jumps to a targeted location like the barbarian and shoot automatically at enemies near the target. When the targeted enemy is arrived she shoot at him with both of her guns and dealing extra damage.

Quick Draw

Mana Cost: 30
Cool Down: 5
Unlock level: 20
Description: Desperadas next four attacks have more attack speed.



The Desperada is from the Morrago Desert and lived once in the little City. Her big problem was her big talent in stealing things. So she stole very many thinks as a little child and lost all her friends. After harrassing at school and by parents she decides to go the crime path and walked away with 14 years old. Since that she lives in the desert and robs travelers.


Role in Team

The Desperada works as a DPS in combat phase and works very well in deffing one entrance completly alone.
With her Barrage of Fire, Etherian Munition and her Time to hit ability she can easily deff one lane.
Her Perfect Aim can also be used to destroy incoming goblincopter, before they can pull there ogres.
The Side Jump deals significant single target burst, so perfect against ogres and in combination with the leap she can easily go back in ranged before the ogre can hit her. The Quick Draw is also boosting this damage
The Jetpack-Gunner is used for increased mobility to make her more difficult to catch.

Please leave your comments.


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Hero Name: The Hermit

Hero Role: The Hermit has two specialties. First is the ability to travel on terrain that other heroes cannot. The hermit’s long life in the mountains allows him to quickly scurry up sheer cliffs and walls that other heroes could only dream of. This allows him to get from place to place quicker than other heroes (sometimes, see below). His other specialty lies in the brewing of potions which have a wide array of effects (see below).

Call of the Wild – A hermit can call out to enemies in their own language and beckon them to him. The ability to call out to tougher enemies increases with experience level, as does the effectiveness of the call and how many enemies are affected by the call at once. Enemies called by the hermit will briefly come toward him at any cost, even if it puts them in harm’s way, leads them away from their goal, or leads them off a cliff… this ability has a 45-second cool down.

Mountaineer - This ability allows a hermit to climb sheer walls and cliffs. The total time and distance he can remain on a sheer vertical surface increases with experience level and points assigned to the ability. If this ability’s time limit is reached, the hermit immediately falls without regard to what lies below him.

Fire Kindle – One of the hermit’s most mysterious abilities is his ability to re-kindle fire. Life alone in the mountains over the years has spurred his need to always have fires be lit for light, heat, and cooking. The Fire Kindle ability automatically repairs every fire-based hero defense on the map, no matter which hero built it.


Bait – This defense is simply a tempting piece of meat to lure enemies away from their otherwise desired path. Enemies who reach the meat and successfully eat it (a process that takes time) are buffed by the meal, but if the enemy can be destroyed before it finishes its meal, the bait remains in place. Bait can be placed in spots that the hermit can climb to but enemies cannot… certain enemies are smart enough to grab the meat and save it without eating it until they’re much closer to crystals of heroes. Certain enemies are smart enough to send their flying allies to the bait instead of attempting to nab it themselves.

The Mountain Winds – A strong wind blows through the path, slowing all enemies in its path who are traveling against it, while speeding up the travel of heroes who walk in the same direction as it blows. This defense cannot be activated by a hero (in order to travel faster purposefully) unless an enemy is also within its range.

Revelation – This defense provides a bright ethereal light whose illuminating effect lights up dark passageways and scares enemies who prefer the dark within its AoE (I’m making some inferences about enemy characteristics and the general level of ambient light -or lack thereof - on certain maps with this one). A Revelation tower also allows heroes and towers to see enemies that are either cloaked or invisible.

Brown Recluse – This is a trap in the same sense as a huntress would use. Enemies who walk across it are poisoned by a large spider, who opens up a trapdoor from the ground and bites the enemy, then disappears. This trap has a long cooldown and will only bite very heavy enemies, but at the highest levels, the poison can be very effective on even the largest and most terrifying enemies. See also this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yJgPVxS5aI (gets fairly creepy at about 35 seconds).

Weapon: The hermit has a pickaxe as his primary melee weapon. This weapon also plays a role in how quickly he can scale walls (better weapons would provide quicker wall scaling). While his melee ability and health are both somewhat limited, he also carries potions which can be used as ranged attacks or to assist friends. The number of potions he can hold at once increases with experience level. An experienced hermit can carry as many as 8 potions, which must last him the duration of a wave (he gets 8 more with each subsequent wave). Examples of potions that can be thrown at enemies include Fire damage, Poison damage, Electric damage, Confusion, blindness, rage (causes the enemy to fight its fellow enemies), etc. Potions that can be thrown at friends include healing, ability buffs, damage buffs, imperviousness to damage, imperviousness to falling, invisibility, and so forth. Potions for friends (or self) generally last between 5 and 30 seconds, depending on the potion and the experience level of the hermit.

Potions, once found, are limitless and occupy a space in the item box. Where and how to find the most useful and powerful potions… I’ll leave that to your creativity. But the player will be faced with the choice of which potions to use at any particular map because only a small portion of the available potions in the game can be held at once.

Weapon/ability interaction examples

A hermit who uses a potion to buff his ability to climb walls could spend most of a wave high up on a wall or cliff, completely unable to be hit by enemies without ranged attacks, while dropping fire, poison, and electric damage potions on the enemies the whole time if he so chose.

A hermit could place bait at the end of a dead-end corridor to draw enemies to it, while setting a mountain wind to blow in the opposite direction so that enemies drawn to the bait would be unable to get to it (ever or for a long period of time depending on the intelligence and speed/weight of the enemy).

A Mountain Wind placed behind another hero’s tower could increase its range, as the wind blows the tower’s projectiles farther than they could otherwise have gone.

Backstory: When the Eternia Crystals were initially hidden many years ago, the King of Etheria wanted them to be as inaccessible and difficult to find as possible. So he journeyed, alone, into the mountainous north where he found many creatures never before encountered in Etherian lore (yeti for instance). Eventually he found the hermit, an outcast from society who ran away into the mountains years prior. The King, upon meeting this hermit, was overcome with his incredible climbing, trapping, and potion-making skills.

The King was convinced that offering an Eternia Crystal to this hermit would, even toward the end of the world, ensure that the Old Ones would never find and destroy them all. The hermit accepted the responsibility for the protection of this crystal in exchange for the gift of long life.

Hundreds of years later, as DD2 begins, the hermit’s crystal is destroyed by forces unknown to even his immeasurable savvy. Enraged and terrified that his crystal’s destruction would mean the end of his unnaturally long life, the hermit wants to take revenge on whoever has destroyed his crystal, even as he sees the years of age that he had avoided catching up with him.

The Hermit is unlocked after the team defeats either a particular map or a series of maps that take place in the mountains in the north of Etheria.

Special Characteristics: Hermit’s skins automatically change to make him look older with every 10 levels of experience. His hero speed, which starts at 120 when he is level 1, decreases by one point with each experience level he gains and cannot be supplemented by gear. A maximum-level hermit has an effective movement speed in DD terms of 20, and only his still formidable climbing skills allow him to continue to get places faster than his friends. He could nevertheless still get from the southern spawn point at the ramparts to the top of the red-roofed building 5-7 seconds faster than any other character on foot because he could climb up the walls to get there. However on maps that are essentially flat, his increasingly slow footspeed is a serious deterrent.

Note: The hermit simply lives in seclusion from the rest of Etherian culture until his quest to seek the destroyer of his crystal; he is neither monastic nor in any way misanthropic in the ways that the term “hermit” can connote.

Always a pleasure, Laura!

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Name: The Monster

Role: Support

Defense 1. Slime puddle: Creates a pool of slime that slows down enemies.

Defense 2. Poison dart sentry: An automated poison dart gun that can cause poison damage and slow down both flying and land enemies.

Defense 3. Bamboo trap: A spring loaded trap made with bamboo shoots that knocks back any enemy that gets too close.

Defense 4. Insect Hive: A small wall made from rotten trees infested with insects. Can cause lesser enemies to flee.

Ability 1. Swamp Speed: The Monster can flatten himself for a brief period qnd glide accross the terrain with great speed.

Ability 2. Toxic odor: The monster emits toxic fumes that will poison any enemy that melees him.

Ability 3. Terror of the Swamp. The Monster increases in size and creates a more frightening form which causes nearby enemies to scatter.

Weapon: Wood AXE

Backstory: Kind hearted but feared by most. The Monster is essentially a talking pile of slime. He protects the swamp creatures from any enemies that may threaten their lives. Although life in the swamp is good, he secretly dreams of being a knight and fighting evil all across the land.

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1. Name Your Hero
Remember to keep it in theme! All heroes are named after what they are in the world of Etheria--the Squire, the Huntress, etc.
A: the Ninja!

2. Decide Your Hero's Role
A:He is a Boss Slayer! He is lame for killing "thrash mobs" as he has a quite almost-non-AoE attack and low HP\DEF. But his attacks HURTS, and HURTS A LOT! He has a infamous damage to a single mob\boss.

3. Give Your Hero 4 Defense and 3 Abilities
[single hit buff] Sneak Attack - After activated the skill is used on his next attack from behind a mob, his damage are multiplied 2x up to 10x!! If more than one enemies are hit, the damage is split. The buff lasts for one hit\swing and has a 30 sec cooldown.

[buff active] Lightning Reflexes - He is so DAMN IMBA, if he is taking damage from just ONE enemy he is able to parry\dodge 30% up to 90% of the attacks. The buff lasts for 30 seconds and has a 1 min cooldown.

[buff active] Ninja Ritual - He drinks the blood of his foes and regen some percentage of HP for each defeated enemy. X (A lot) of MP per second. Has a 10 second cooldown to activate once again.

[passive] Ninja Training - Through years of training he is a very efficient killer, his attacks cause bleeding effect and cripping [slow] effect (no matter where it hits).

Touch of Death - He throws the weight on his Kusari Gama to ensnare his foe (single target) then he brings his victim to himself, and he uses the Sickle to one hit K.O for ANY thrash mob. When used on Bosses\Ogres he is the one who will move to the victim and will deal a strike that deals HEAVY damage. Has a 45 seconds Cooldown.

Ninja Focus - While active and unmovable his attack power will increase over time. But whenever he moves the attack power will go down gradually. X(A lot) of MP per second while active, automatically deactivated when move. Cooldown of 10 sec to re-activate.

Ninja Shadow Clone - After activated the ninja becomes invisible and a visible clone of him stands and fights dealing no damage and tanking with 10% up to 30% of his stats for 10 up to 30 seconds. Has a very large cooldown 2 min.

4. Give Your Hero a Weapon Type
A: He wears a damn Kusari Gama!! Whenever he kills any mob from behind he does a special animation on which he decapitates his foes! (each boss has an different animation)

5. Give Your Hero a Short Backstory
A: He is a lone warrior with no goals- only regrets. His land was destroyed by a march of corrupted EVs. Since the EV's are a threat no more "since DD1" now he is just searching a place to live peacefully and lay his Kusari Gama to rest. But will he find peace without a war?

sorry about my english, :)

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Name: the Cleric

Role: tanky support

Abilties: Defense -
1) Divine symbol - The Cleric places a tower with a divine focus that links via tether to the closest tower or hero that has taken damage. The tethered tower or hero gradually restores health.
2) Bull statue - The Cleric lays down a statue of a bull that links via tether to the closest attacking tower or hero. The tethered tower or hero deals bonus damage on each attack.
3) Flame thrower - The Cleric places a tower of flame down that shoots a constant stream of fire at the closest enemy. The stream deals damage over time.
4) Shield statue - The cleric drops a statue of a Shield that links via tether to the closest tower or hero that's taking damage. The tethered hero or tower receives reduced damage on attacks.
Ability -
1) Chain magic - The Cleric radiates positive energy around him. For the duration of the ability nearby cleric towers chain their tethers shoot from the initial target to other nearby targets.
2) Faith's pull - The cleric magically taunt's nearby foes, compelling them to attack him for a short duration.
3) Armor of Kami - The cleric places a damage absorbing shield over himself and nearby Heroes and defenses, while the shield persists it reflects damage to attackers.

Weapon: A tome as a buckler and a one handed mace/hammer

Backstory: As a man of faith, the Cleric travel's to help the poverish and defenseless. He wishes to restore the Crystal hoping to seal away the monsters once and for all.

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1. Janitor
Kindom's must have.

2. Melee (Support)
Yes a support. As what janitor do. :)

3. Give Your Hero 4 Defense and 3 Abilities
A. "Spilled Bucket" - When Enemies walked through the bucket it'll unleash the bucket full of bubbles makes the ground slippery. Which makes the enemy slides back and takes right amount of damage. (Will only affect 5 mobs at a time)

B. "Pile of Spoiled Food" - Mobs Eats spoiled food placed in said spot and takes an amount of damage due to food poisoning.

C. "Catapult" - It's Janitor's job to clean the castle. He launch dead bodies using catapult towards the enemies "More damage to flying mobs than o melee mobs".

D. "Campfire" - He sets campfire infront of the friendly tower/building and buffs fire damage to the friendly tower/building.

A. Broom Hack - He hacks enemy in front of him, knock them back.
B. Brook Throw - He throws his broom towards the enemy damages and stunning them for sec or so.
C. Wash Em All - He washes friendly unit removing debuffs and healing them for "(Amount)/second"

4. Give Your Hero a Weapon Type
From nobody to hero!. I choose my mighty hero the best weapon the "Broom Stick". He /hack/slash his enemy with stingy sticks. These monsters deserves lesson for leaving bunch of craps throughout the castle.

5. Give Your Hero a Short Backstory
Due to lack of combat experience, throughout the years; Janitor did was hiding in the catacombs. For He is in fear of these monstrous beast lurking throughout the castle. He managed to survive by consuming kitchen's food and using the castle household tools to fight monsters that lurks throughout the catacombs. After how many years of struggle he managed to go out from catacombs and battled monsters from destroying Eternia Crystals and his only home and workplace.

Tried my best. Please be gentle on me. Really wished to have an extra seat.. xD

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1: Heros name: Bard

2: Role: Support / Crowd control

1: Bard summons a giant speaker on the ground. It shoots slow bolts that are shaped like notes. Every shot gives a debuff enemies called "Eardrum pain." When enemies has 5 stack of "Eardrum pain" on them the stacks will explode, dealing extra damage on enemy.
2: Bard summons a giant harp in the ground. Harp blocks enemies and each time it gets attacked it applies 1 stack of "Eardrum pain" on enemies.
3: Bard summons a giant drum on the ground. Drum keeps doing aoe damage around it it also applies stacks of "Eardrum pain" on enemies near it.
4: Bard summons a giant bell to float on air. It keeps playing a harmonic song giving allies small healing + movement speed bonus.

1: Bard blows on her flute stunning nearby opponents for 3 seconds.
2: Bard starts dancing while playing her flute giving allies attack speed + damage boost. Bard can't move or attack while doing this.
3: Bard blows on her flute shooting a giant note on the pointed location. When note lands on location everything will take HEAVY damage and it will slow their movement speed.

Bard will use instruments. Depending on instrument her skills will change.
Harps, Flutes, Lutes and Bells are on her list.

Bard was enjoying her life in a small village living with a her grandfather. Her grandfather was a instrument maker and loved his job. Bard always watched when he was working and seeing the passion on his eyes.
He didn't earn much but the job was satisfying. Bard parents were traveling merchants so she had to stay with this grandfather.

On grandfathers birthday Bard went to close forest to collect flowers as a gift give to him. When she returned with a big bouquet to her home she saw something. Somebody had broken all the instruments grandfather was selling in the shop and he was crying in middle of the shop. Sobbing and yelling name of evil trolls who came to this shop and broke his dreams.
After that grandfather got really sick and had to stay at bed. He got a really big shock from those evil trolls and passed soon away leaving Bard all his belongings. Just before passing away grandfather asked Bard to forget her dreams and be realistic, dreams are meant to be broken.
Bard couldn't believe this and swore to revenge all evil beings who shatter peoples dreams. She is on the journey to defeat those who bully weak.

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1. Name Your Hero

- The Shinobi/Ninja (Fox)

2. Decide Your Hero's Role

- Damage dealer (kinda like Huntress or Barb)

3. Give Your Hero 4 Defense and 3 Abilities

- Crow's foot/Caltrops(dmg enemies that walk over them)
- Explosive seal (placed on a tower, it would make the tower explode when it get destroyed, doing dmg to surrounding enemies)
- Teleportation seal (placed on a tower, it would teleport the mobs back at their spawn when they hit it but would have a long CD)
- Summon circle (summon a giant wood log that fall from the sky on the enemies when they walk on it)

- Smoke bomb (grant invisibility to yourself & the heroes close to you for a few sec. or until they attack & could also slow enemies)
- Teleportation jutsu (teleport to selected destination in range while leaving a wood log that aggro enemies behind)
- After image (leaves an image/clone behind your hero that mimic all your attacks after a 0.5 sec delay, but does less dmg)

4. Give Your Hero a Weapon Type

I would love this character to have both range(kunai/shuriken) & melee(kusarigama) weapons if its possible. He/She could have both equipped at the same time(like Barb).

5. Give Your Hero a Short Backstory

After seeing the Monk in action on Sky City, the foxes from town started to wonder where his power came from... In a dark corner of the flying city, they started training martial arts but without a master to keep them in the right path, they didn't realize that they were dwelling in the dark arts. After attaining these new powers, the foxes wanted to train further by joining as many battles as possible.

Art made by Tony Ficticium.

EDIT: I started making this post at 1:15pm EDT but it took me a while to make it. Sorry if other Defenders posted similar ideas before. :/

Thank you for reading. :)

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1. Cow'Laura

2. Decide Your Hero's Role

3. Give Your Hero 4 Defense and 3 Abilities
Towers; Hay Bale- strong wall that deals no damage
Tipping Cannon- Push/knockback tower with a wide range
Cow Cannon- Similar to the Cannon Ball Tower, except it shoots mini-cows (like the Chicken Launcher of DD1).

Abilities; Cow Bell- AoE that both buffs teammates
Mad Cow- Specifically buffs teams damage, but very mana-consuming
Cow Pie- Casts a large mine field that triggers aoe debuff

4. Give Your Hero a Weapon Type
Pointy melee (so no hammers) & flamethrower/spraying type weapons

5. Give Your Hero a Short Backstory
Tired of always watching the action from afar, this intrepid yet much beloved mediator has decided that to best support Etheria's Heroes, she needs to get in the action directly.

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Character Creation : The Guardian

1. Name Your Hero
The Guardian

2. Decide Your Hero's Role
The Guardian is a tanky support champ that is designed to help out his team rather than deal damage himself

3. Give Your Hero 4 Defense and 3 Abilities
Defense 1: Shielding Circle
An area of the map (small circle, size depending on levels) is lit up green and when allies step within this circle they get a shield for a small amount of time to shield them from damage. A certain amount of shield will be given out every wave depending on the hero's stats with a small time limit set after you gain a shield to when you can get another one.

Defense 2: Buffing Circle
Much like the first ability this ability gives a slightly larger circle on the ground which is lit up purple and increases the damage of any allied unit which stands on it. This ability's cost depends on how large the player chose to make the circle.

Defense 3: Defensive Circle
This ability like the last two creates a circle on the ground, this time reducing the damage from enemies on turrets in its radius. This ability's cost does not depend on size but instead depends on how many defenses are placed inside of it. Additional defenses placed after it has been set will just cost more defense units to place when inside of the defensive circle.

Defense 4: Decoy Spire
This ability creates a large spire that emits pulses from its peak. This spire causes any enemy units within a certain radius to target it over other allied structures. A second decoy spire cannot be placed within this radius to prevent people spamming them to protect towers completely.

Ability 1 : Heal
Heals a nearby allied champion channeling much like he was healing himself.

Ability 2: Chain binding
Fires out a chain that will bounce from enemy to enemy rooting each one for a small time. Amount of bounces depends on champion level.

Ability 3: Decoy
Much like his 4th defense this ability causes enemies to target him over his allies for a small period of time.

4. Give Your Hero a Weapon Type
The Guardian does not use a weapon but instead wields a large shield and a gauntlet. His attacks are melee hitting people with his shield applies a small knock back effect increasing due to item stats.

5. Give Your Hero a Short Backstory
The guardian. He was once a fierce warrior in battle but now his age has defeated him he can no longer lead the charge against the enemy. But this does not mean he can play no role at all. Throughout the past few years the guardian has been honing in his skills of defense and support and now will rejoin the forces of eternia. This time as a guardian, not a warrior.

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1. The hero's name shall be:

The Deserter

2. The Deserters role:

Damage/off support. Mainly focused on damage The Deserter is a hero that can manoeuvre quickly from crystal to crystal and is able to delay the enemies from reaching the crystal by knocking them back. Even though The Deserter has only combat effecting abilities his towers make him a great support aswell.

3. The Deserters Defences and Abilities:


Stone wall - The Deserter gathers energy at his feet and stomps on the ground leaving behind a breakable wall.

Spirit of lightning - The Deserter summons a spirit that shoots lightning from its hands. Dealing damage to monsters. The lightning is able to bounce to additional targets dealing less damage with each bounce.

Statue of fire - The Deserter summons an ancient artifact that grants towers the power of fire. Making the towers around it deal additional fire damage.

Shade of weakness - The Deserter summons a shade of weakness that grants towers the power to sometimes take away elemental affinities.


Spirit arms - The Deserter uses the power of the spirits. Which increases his attack range. Drains mana each second.

Spirit fists - The Deserter calls the spirits for help making a spirit smash the monsters in front of him knocking them back. ( not usable on ogres).

Spirit body - The Deserter dashes foward while making himself luminous for a short period of time enableing him to move through towers and monsters.

4. The Deserters weapons:

The Deserter is expert in both spear fighting and dagger throwing.

Melee mode- 3 hit combo. (1) The Deserter slashes his spear foward then slices to the right hitting the enemies in front of him and on his right side. (2) The Deserter slashes his spear foward then slices to the left hitting the enemies in front of him and on his left side. (3) The Deserter slashes his spear foward then slices upwards dealing extra damage when going upwards.

Ranged attack - The Deserter throws daggers in front of him with a slight curve

5. Give Your Hero a Short Backstory

He and the monk often meditated together in the once peaceful Etheria. After the death of their master The Deserter left his birthplace behind and so leaving the monk to defend Etheria. He then reached enlightenment on the top of Etheria's great mountains where he got in touch with the spirits themself. Now with the power of the spirits he too shall defend Etheria at the side of his old friend.

Hope you enjoyed reading ^^

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1. Name Your Hero
The Bartender

2. Decide Your Hero's Role

3. Give Your Hero 4 Defense and 3 Abilities
1. Bar-Tendril: While the bartender goes out to help his friends against the forces of the Old Ones, who will tend the bar back home? The bartender decided to educate himself in the art of basic summoning magics, enlisting the help of magical Tendrils, whose sole purpose is to tend the bar! The Bar-Tendril's practical purpose in-game is a support tower; the Bar-tendril will throw refreshing (and slimy) drinks at nearby allies, which are consumed upon impact, replenishing a small amount of health and combat mana.
2. Beer-a-pult - This simplistic catapult chucks volatile kegs of beer with some frequency at enemies within its sights. These kegs are quite useful for choke points, and they deal AOE damage. Enemies hit by the Beer-a-pult will be soaked in beer for several seconds, making them vulnerable to fire.
3. Leaking Keg - The pressure inside this keg is causing it to leak beer from its lid! Enemies who walk over the messy pool this keg leaves are slowed, and have a chance to slip and fall, causing damage and stunning them for a very short amount of time. The messy pool can be lit aflame, dealing damage to all within it, but the pool will be consumed and take some time to form again when this occurs.
4. Violent Patron - This patron has had a little bit too much to drink. This offensive unit randomly patrols the map, taunting and picking fights with various enemies.

1. Fiesta - Bartender takes a match out and lights it. This match can be used to light the alcohol coming out of his BattleKeg, attuning his attacks with fire for a short period of time. Because his attack are attuned with fire, he can light both his Leaking Keg up and can also light up allies defenses that react to fire.
2. Belch - The Bartender lets out a ferocious burp, pushing enemies back and dealing damage.
3. Shower of Beer - Unleashes a torrent of beer upwards, showering allies and defenses with magical beer. This heals them slightly, and also gives them a chance to dodge enemy attacks for several seconds. This is very useful for areas with heavy amounts of enemies pounding on both defenses and allies. Has a lengthy cooldown.

4. Give Your Hero a Weapon Type
Ranged - The Bartender sports a hefty BattleKeg, bound to his right hip. When the release valve is opened, a steady stream of alcohol is unleashed on his enemies. This attack deals AOE damage, so this hero is powerful when faced with a group of enemies. However, because of this, he is weaker against single targets. The BattleKeg can be powered up with Fiesta, causing the beer that flows out to be attuned with fire.

5. Give Your Hero a Short Backstory
In the days of old, while the Apprentice, Squire, Monk, Huntress, and others were saving the world as children, the Bartender was an apprentice to the Tavernkeep. The Bartender always worked in the back of the tavern, washing dishes and transporting heavy boxes of merchandise. However, the Tavernkeep showed the Bartender everything he knows. As an adult, the Bartender aspires to be everything the Tavernkeep is, and more. However, both the Tavernkeep's and the Bartender's livelyhood is threatened by the return of the Old Ones. The Bartender volunteered to help the heroes of Etheria, despite the Tavernkeep's protests. The Bartender seeks to do his best to assist the other heroes of Etheria, making their time on the front lines as festive as possible, and prove to the Tavernkeep that he has what it takes to take over the Tavern.

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1. BeastMaster

2. Support Class, fast moving, lightly armored, melee

3. Give Your Hero 4 Defense and 3 Abilities
a) Hound Kennel - simple dog house that spawns with a single awesome canine capable of placing aggro on mobs and acting as a wall defense with teeth. Each upgrade will place an additional canine unit. Defense can only defend against ground units and will only hold aggro on a limited number of mobs. limited range.
b) Falcon Perch - A perch for falcons which swarm intruders causing confusion. Confused enemies might; enrage and attack randomly, run away, run forward ...faster. Each upgrade will place additional falcon units and expand area of effect. Defense can target ground and air units. Defense will only damage small enemies. large range.
c) Bear Cave - A cave which spawns with a bear chained to it. Bears charge and maul, Charge will cause a devastating knock-back effect to anything in its path and can only be stopped by the largest of mobs, at the end of a charge the bear will attack a single mob until win or lose before charging again. Each upgrade places an additional Bear. Bears do not hold aggro but instead do immense damage but beware Bears are hostile to everything except the Beastmaster and Beastmaster defenses, fellow hero's and their towers are no exception.
d) Roc Roost - a tall roost which spawns a large Roc (huge-mungous bird). The Roc will always attack the largest enemy within its roosts range and upon impact will cause a 360 degree knockback. Roc can attack ground or air mob's and might lift its prey into the air before flinging it down ( or simply throw enemies if their small enough ). Each upgrade will increase the roosts range as well as the size of the Roc. Only one Roc per roost should spawn.

a) Call of the wild - The Beast master calls upon all Hounds and/or Bears within a close proximity to the Beastmaster. Surrounding the Beastmaster Hounds and/or Bears will follow their master anywhere on the map and attack mobs within range. Beware unprotected kennels and caves are defenseless and prone to wandering mob destruction.
b) Sic-Em!! - The beastmaster selects a small AOE for the Hounds and/or Bears to attack and defend. This ability drains mana per. second and upon depletion of mana the Hounds and/or Bears will return to the Beastmaster's side. Casting this ability while it is already active will call the hounds back to the Beastmaster and mana drain will stop.
c) Call of the winds - The Beastmaster calls upon the nearest Roc for support. By selecting an area (point and click) the Roc will fall from the sky upon its master's request dealing a massive amount of damage and inflicting an impressive AOE knockback before returning to it's roost.

4. Give Your Hero a Weapon Type
Sword and shield, axe and shield? not completely sure how the weapon system works in the new version of the game. Honestly anything melee would do just fine. I feel like an important part of balancing this character would be making it melee so that it doesn't turn into an invincible wall of teeth, aggro and knockback. Making it melee would force it to expose itself at least a little in order to acquire mana or provide the most eficient support.

5. Uhhh the summoner class was awesome but it took forever to place its minions and took away from the fast paced action of the game and so I would like to see something similar? LoL i guess that the beastmaster had gone into foreign countries to establish its bestiary and upon returning learned of the heroic feats of the hero's. Itching for adventure the Beastmaster joined the ranks of the hero's!!

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Name: The Alchemist
Role: The Alchemist would bring a new aspect to the game. In DD1, only the monk and the jester had an actual way to heal other players. The alchemist would be a support class while beeing able to do some melee damage. With his abilities (see abilities) he could heal players while they are fighting bosses, ogres or just big waves of enemys. His defenses are also made to support other team members defenses or the heros. With 3 other heros, the rest of the team could concentrate on fighting the evil while the alchemist heals them and their defenses and if it comes to a boss fight, the alchemist is there to help with his usefull buff.
The Alchemist`s defenses would be puddles of different liquids. He has 4 different ones:

  • Poison Puddle: As the name says, this defense is a small puddle of poison. It of course does poison damage and also slows down enemys. Enemys that walk in the puddle take damage while they are inside and they take over time when they are leaving it aswell. All in all this works a bit like a trap, but does less direct damage and therefore damage over time.
    In a normal map build a poison puddle could be used infront of barricades to deal some extra damage and slow enemys down, while towers and heros take them down.

    The "Poison" would be the first buildable defense and therefore cost 40 mana (if the mana system stays the same).

  • Gear Oil: To fullfill his role as a support class, the alchemist can place puddles of oil. Those are a bit like buff beams in DD1, but instead of giving additional damage, the oil heals defenses automatically. If one of the defenses is detroyed, the puddle is not destroyed and players are able to build new defenses on it. For every defense healing, the puddle looses some liquid or in other words: The HP are becoming less.
    The oil would be a very efficient defense for a team of 4. Heros dont need to go around and repair defenses, instead they can kill enemys.
    This would make teamwork more efficient by giving people with lower stats the chance to build defenses with not too much HP and heal those.

    The "Oil" would be the second unlock and cost 60 mana.

  • Liquid Health: The "Liquid Health" is another support defense that the alchemist can build. It absorbs HP of enemys and gives it to nearby heros. The damage it does it not too high and so it is more of a support building. This heal still has to be higher than the monk one, so it makes sense to build it. This building cant be destroyed by normal enemys. If no hero is near the puddle, some health is stored inside. If the internal storage is full, the "Liquid Health" wont absorb HPs anymore and becomes useless.

    This puddle is the 3rd unlock of the alchemist and costs 70 mana.

  • Magic Potion: The potion is, as the name says, a magic potion that is placed in a puddle on the floor. This potion has 2 effects. The first is making enemys blind for some seconds. Ranged enemys dont shoot and melee ones can only hit around them. Therefore their attacks would be less efficient. In a PVP match, the player would also be blind and could see what is going on.
    The second effect is a random elemental damage. Every enemy would be hit once with a strong hit. Since the element of the attack is random, enemys with elemental resistance could be lucky to survive or also become a victim of your potion.

    This defense is the last unlock of the alchemist with a cost of 100 mana.


  • Healing potion: The alchemist throws a healing potion into a selected area. It is a splash heal, healing heros that are inside this area. To use this ability, you need some good teamwork, cause the splash heal can heal all heros if they stand close to each other but it also can work pretty bad if the team doesnt come together cause you have to go to every single hero and use one potion on each, doing less healing in total.
    It would heal a fair amount of HP instantly.

    The healing potion would cost 60 mana and have a cooldown of 20 seconds.

  • Brewing: The alchemist uses his brewing skills to brew poison. This can refuel (heal) poison puddles and also give bonus poison damage to every other hero. To use it, you have to activate the ability, click on either a puddle or another hero and than watch how the alchemist emptys his brewing equipment over the target.

    It would cost 40 mana with a cooldown of 10 seconds.

  • Herbalism: The alchemist searches for herbs around him and gets a buff. This buff is kind of a small aura around him which gives higher attack damage to heros or heals them if they are below 50% of their HP.
    After 10 seconds, the buff is over and a 5 second cooldown starts.

    "Herbalism" would cost 80 mana to use.

Weapon type(s):

The Dagger
With the alchemist comes a new weapon class, the dagger. This weapon class is a melee and a magic weapon. It can deal normal damage by stabbing enemys and gives out elemental effects to enemys with rightclick. This effect depends on the weapon. Some weapons poison the enemys (some damage over time), some set them on fire(d.o.t) and others stun them. This can help the team in difficult situations by stunning ogres for example.
The dagger could also be used by the squire (if there is a new name then this one of course ^^) in combination with a shield. The only bad thing here would be, that the magic effect is not as good as the one the alchemist would do.
I think that this would fit in the DD setting pretty well.
Source of this picture: http://steelswords.com/pimages/thumb_Kestral_Dagger_107.jpg
Are the heros soon able to own daggers?

The Cauldron
As a second and class specific weapon type the alchemist could use a cauldron. Those weapons do damage by putting down really small puddles. Those can damage enemys. With a rightclick the cauldron overloads and does damage to all enemys around the alchemist with some kind of a poison or fire ring. Cauldrons wouldnt to physical damage, instead they have higher elemental damage.

Source of this picture: http://www.goddessaday.com/images/cauldron.jpg
A new item class?


Born in a small lodge in the "Mistymire Forest", the alchemist grew up as the son of "The Big Brewer". His dad`s potions were known in all of Etheria. But as his son was finally old enough to learn the brewing business, his das was called in to the throne room by the king of Etheria to help defeat an attack of "The Old Ones". The Archmage, Knight, Ranger and Templar were able to lock away the power of the Old Ones in the Eternia Crytals, cause "The Big Brewer" made them immortal with his strongest potion ever made. But he paid the price for it.
While the 4 heros were immortal and were fighting against "The Old Ones", he tried to do the same with his potions.
One of those was supposed to tranform them into Crystals.
And so it came as it had to. The Big Brewer approached, not beeing immortal, and tried to defeat the evil forever. Instead he was the one who got defeat this day. Still he was the one, that made the locking into the Eternia Crystals possible. His potion was used by the Heros and worked. Sadly this story was never fully told before and so only the 4 heros became the heros of Etheria.

The alchemist, who was left at home with his mother, is one of the few people, who knows the full story, cause he was listening to the royal courier through the keyhole of his room, when he brought the sad message.
He wanted revenge for what happened, he wanted to fight the fight that his father lost. Not knowing anything about alchemy, he started to study his fathers records and soon learned the basics of this business.
Beeing able to brew health potions, he thought he would be good enough to try something bigger: A potion that makes him immortal. He tried for months to find a working recipe but nothing seemed to work. And then it happened. The alchemical laboratory blew up. The recipes, the materials, everything was lost.

At this point, the alchemist was almost giving up. Only one thing made him follow his dream of the perfect potion: The death of his father.
But how should he brew anything without having a laboratory or any materials? He said to himself: "I will find a way! I have to, i have to make my dad proud!" With a cauldron out of his mothers kitchen, he went into the forest every day, searching for herbs. He learned a lot about them and it only took him some weeks to craft them into poison in his portable cauldron.

Now that he had this knowledge, he wanted even more. He heard about new attacks of evil powers on the Eternia Crystals inside the kings castle. He wanted to help but his mother said no. So he had to stay at home. But then the 4 hero children came to the Mistymire Forest to recover the Purple Eternia Shard from the Spider Queen. That was his chance to show everyone what he was able to do! The heros arrived and were fighting against the hordes of spiders and other evil creatures. The alchemist was hiding below some stairs, watching them all the times. He wanted to jump out and help fighting the spider queen but when she finally arrived, he was too scared to do so.

After the battle was over and the heros left the forest, he ran home, crying. He had not been able to help again. This was the point where he said: "THATS IT!" He decided not to flee or hide ever again! He lost his father and his self-respect because of things like this, he said to himself.
So he left his home in the middle of the night, just leaving a letter for his mother, explaining it all to her.

Following the tracks of the 4 heros, he came to the Moraggo Desert Town, he saw the deep of Aquanos and the incredible Sky City. But the heros were always faster than him and so he was only able to follow their track, leading him into another dimension.

And thats where he finally met them. And not only that: He also met the 4 original heros, the ones who knew his father. He had the chance to find out something about the mythical potion that made them immortal and the one that locked "The Old Ones" inside the crystal and they were able to tell him at least some things about it. Also he was now able to travel with the 4 young heros, supporting them with all his power and knowledge where ever he could.

Soon they really needed his help, when more and more Eternia Crystals shattered, there was no way to defend the evil without his alchemical knowledge and his skills. Therefore he became an important member of the hero group, that was well respected. At this point, the group had 5 instead of 4 heros!

But still he is following his very own quest:
He wants the full recipes for his fathers potions and even more important: Revenge!

Thx for reading, i hope you like my idea of a new character! I know the story was supposed to be short but i just had too many ideas for it :P
PS: The English might now be perfect cause it is not my mother language :)

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The Temptress
Support Hero


  • Glorious Trumpet- This tower fires slowly but causes all enemies in an area in front of it to be pushed back and all towers hit by its wonderful music to deal X% more damage for X seconds.
  • Melodic Harp- This tower fires off slow-moving notes that can lull enemies to sleep. The sleep is temporary but causes X% increase in damage dealt to enemies that are knocked out and lasts for X seconds.
  • Show Stealer- This trapdoor sends out flames in all directions around it, dealing XXX fire damage and setting enemies on fire dealing XX damage every second for X seconds. This trap cannot be attacked and has a medium cooldown.
  • Masterpiece- This tower fires off a steady stream of musical power that starts off weak but grows in strength the longer it plays. When there is no enemy in range to fire upon it stops playing and the power resets after a 2 second cooldown period.


  • Serenade- The Temptress invades the mind of her target, turning it against its own kind. While under her control the minion receives X% extra health and deals X% damage.
  • Death Scene- The Temptress' love for acting forces her current minion to explode dealing XXX damage in a large area. This does kill the minion and a new one must be acquired in order to use this skill again.
  • Spotlight- Cause everyone in an area around you to move X% faster and recharge their skills X% faster.


  • Instruments (Ranged)- Instruments are ranged weapons that ether buff allies or debuff enemies. The debuff and buff are usually tied together, such as a movement/attack speed hampering debuff for enemies or a movement/attack speed buff for allies.
    Example: Lovely Lute- Deals a small amount of damage to enemies while also reducing their ability to deal damage by X%. When used on an ally increase their attack damage by X%.
  • Palette (Melee)- Palettes consist of a brush and painter's palette. Painting an enemy deals damage and can do effects based on the color of the paint. Paint color could be changed or pre-determined for each weapon.
    Example: Red paint is applied on melee hit and causes all towers to focus on that painted target. Green paint could cause targets to provide a lifesteal effect to anyone attacking it. So on and so on.

The Temptress is a passionate and strong-willed fighter. Her years spent traveling with her merchant father has given her an unbridled love of the arts. Everywhere she went she saw culture and all manners of entertainment. The world has since grown darker and with an ominous danger on the horizon, threatening everything in existence, the Temptress fights to save her one and only passion. Her strong will allows her to overcome her foes and push back against them. She won't stop until the world is safe, because only then will she be able to once again enjoy fine music and theater.

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1. Name Your Hero
The Ethereal

2. Decide Your Hero's Role
Squishy Damage Dealer

3.Give Your Hero 4 Defense and 3 Abilities
1. Beam Generator: Channels a beam of energy onto a single target, the beam intensifies the longer it targets an enemy, resetting on every new target
2. Singularity Generator: periodically creates an energy ball at a group of enemies and imploding after a short delay, dealing damage and pulling the enemies closer together.
3. Pulse Generator: Waves of energy damage all enemies in a small cone, increasing damage based on the amount of targets hit, but decreasing damage the further the target is from the tower.
4. Warp Generator: A wall of energy which blocks projectile attacks, some projectiles enter the 'warp', firing back upon the attacker at decreased damage.

1. Accumulate Energy(toggle): Generates a small amount of mana over time, but the ethereal is unable to move and his attacks deal less damage.
2. Phase Shift(toggle): The Ethereal phases into another plane of existence, making him untargetable and allowing him to pass through enemies and towers, but building and upgrading times are increased and he is unable to pick up mana or attack during this state.
3. Energy Blast(active): Passively increases the Ethereal's damage the more mana he is holding (by %, whether he is holding 40/40 mana or 400/400 mana, still same damage increase). Activating this ability removes the passive bonus while on cooldown and fires a large energy ball that passes through enemies in a line, dealing less damage to each target hit.

4. Give Your Hero a Weapon Type
Energy Spears/Javelins, medium range thrown. Spears have slight Armour Penetration, Javelins deal most damage to target hit, but also fires energy sparks on impact, dealing small damage to targets hit by the sparks.

5. Give Your Hero a Short Backstory
The Ethereal were a peaceful race of beings made of pure energy, previously residing inside the Eternia Crystals. As more and more crystals fell, one Ethereal's peaceful ways began to fade, as he grew angry and vowed he would prevent the destruction of any more of their homes.

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Name: The Physician

Role: Support


Defense 1: Healing Cauldron: Places a health cauldron that will heal players in the vicinity.

Defense 2: Sleeping Cauldron: Places a sleeping cauldron that will temporarily put enemies that enter its area to sleep, stopping them from moving and attacking for a short duration.

Defense 3: Poison Cauldron: Places a poison cauldron that will poison enemies in the area so they take low damage over time.

Defense 4: Strength Cauldron: Places a cauldron that will buff the speed and damage output of players in the area.


Ability 1: Healing: When activated, will heal all players a certain percentage (or defined amount) of health.

Ability 2: Confusion: When activated, enemies within a certain radius will become confused, walking in random directions and unable to attack for a short duration.

Ability 3: Relax: When activated, enemies within a certain radius will become sleepy, having their movement speed and damage output reduced for a short duration.


Weapon: Potions: The Physician can throw potions at single enemies, which have different effects depending on the potion. Examples would be poison potions, fire potions, etc. The alternate fire would give the potions area-of-effect, but the potions would do less damage.

Backstory: The Physician was an apprentice to the Royal Physician, and in a desperate attempt to prove his worth to his mentor, may or may not have accidentally made a potion that may or may not have caused his mentor go into a deep slumber. Now feeling responsible for the heroes not having the support of his mentor in their defence, the apprentice-Physician attempts to fill the place of his sleeping mentor and support the heroes in their fight against the enemies.

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The Reaper

1. Name Your Hero
The Reaper

2. Decide Your Hero's Role
Playing the role of the supporter, the Reaper helps out the team with defenses and abilities that deter enemies from reaching the Eternia Crystals.

3. Give Your Hero 4 Defense and 3 Abilities
Defense 1: Tombstone - Enemies on the ground will be held back by the hand of a skeleton that comes out of the dirt.
Defense 2: Coffin - Enemies on the ground will be forced inside and randomly teleported to another coffin where they will be forced out of. If only one coffin is present, the defense will serve as a barricade.
Defense 3: Graveyard Gate - Blocks the path of ground enemies and swings open when they get too close, knocking them a fair distance back.
Defense 4: Soul Fountain - Unleashes a swarm of lost souls on up to six enemies in the air who are nearby, forcing them much closer to the ground.

Ability 1: Cost of Death - Significantly boost all of your defenses or another player's defenses for 70% of your current maximum health (can only be used on one player at once and doesn't have a cooldown). If you die, all of the effected player's defenses will be destroyed.
Ability 2: Back From The Dead - Randomly teleport nearby a coffin defense for no mana (1 minute cooldown).
Ability 3: Scythe Boost - Temporarily extend the range of your scythe to hit more enemies (cannot be deactivated until all mana has been consumed).

4. Give Your Hero a Weapon Type
The Reaper has access to a scythe that makes up for his low maximum health from its long-range and high damage.

5. Give Your Hero a Short Backstory
Just like most of the Eternia Crystals have shattered, so has the Reaper. While the Squire, Apprentice, Huntress, and Monk were defending Etheria, the Reaper was sitting at home. He always looked up to the Apprentice more than any of the other main heroes, but his father forced him to train to be like the Squire. While his father was out protecting their village, the Reaper studied magic in secret. Eventually, the Reaper's father found out about him secretly practicing magic and kicked him out of their village, leaving him with only a black robe and his iron sword, bent from training. Alone and having nowhere to go, the Reaper found himself lost in a graveyard. Desperate for someone to help him, the Reaper used a spell to call upon the spirits. Little did he know, the spirits planned on stealing his soul; and they had successfully managed to do so after fooling him to cast a deadly spell. Due to the unnatural nature of his death, the Reaper became a shadow of his former self. He looked like the skeletons that he had defeated before it was dark out. Once again alone and having nowhere to go, the Reaper wandered around the graveyard but was hopelessly lost. Much time passed, and ironically, the Squire, who had, in a way, caused what had happened to the Reaper, found him. Once he realized that the Reaper meant no harm, he brought him to a blacksmith who turned what was left of his sword into a worthy scythe. Never wanting anyone to suffer like he had, the Reaper vowed to protect what was left of the Eternia Crystals. In the process, the Reaper hopes that one day he can reap enough souls to make up for his own stolen soul.

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